Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death at a bus stop in Eltham in 1993

The mother of Stephen Lawrence has said her pain remains “undiminished” as she marked 15 years since his death in a racist attack.

Doreen Lawrence was joined by more than 300 people including Prime Minister Gordon Brown at a memorial service in central London.

Stephen, 18, was murdered by white youths in Eltham, south-east London in 1993 but no-one was convicted.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw said his death left Britain a “nation shamed”. Continue Reading

15 years has past and still those murderers walk free….

Rest In Peace Stephen.  

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  1. if i ever i need to rememeber how little i’m worth in the uk .. heres the reminder….
    this is disgraceful …
    if it was one of these unfortunate little children getting lost or killed they would HAVE MOVED HEAVEN AND EARTH TO SOLVE THIS CASE….
    there is’nt many case where you know who the killers are yet they still walk free and unblemished
    the prime minister should feel shame … attending a funeral about people you STILL COULDNT CARE LESS ABOUT….
    do something!!!!!

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