A vulnerable recluse was made to wait more than a week for medical treatment after being raped because his GP said he was ‘too grubby’ to be examined, a court has heard.

The 50-year-old was distraught and bleeding heavily when he was persuaded to seek medical help two days after the attack.

‘He was treated abominably by the NHS and his GP, who said he was too grubby for him to examine properly,’ Michael Brabin, prosecuting, told Exeter Crown Court.

Levi Lavers, 19, of Newlyn Cornwall, was jailed for six years on Monday after being convicted over the 2006 rape….. Continue reading

We live in a cruel, sick world…  😦

I hope Levi Lavers cell mate makes him feel extremely welcome in the dead of night……

Sometimes you have to wonder why some individual’s opt to work within the so-called “caring profession”…


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  1. That is just nuts, off the scale, though all predicted in the word of God. More woes to come. The geezer however should be put to death. Sometimes I have to wonder at the justice system in this country…..oops sorry, there isn’t any.

  2. This country ignores the plight of the vulnerable, dispossessed and disabled minorities – the sentence on Lavers was far too lenient and probably reflected the judge’s (and the GP’s) extremely bigoted and biased views regarding the victim.
    The poor victim in this case has to live with this horrendous crime for the rest of his life and received little or no support from the ‘system’ – this case casts shame on our society as a whole.
    Blessed are the meek.

  3. i am the mother of levi and its a shame that levis own sever mental health problems were never brougt up .levi has suffered with sever problem sice he was born .a few weeks before thie incident my son tried to take his own life because of his mental health he nearly suceeded.if he had been sectioned when this happened he would of been treated .but the nhs did not step in when they should of it would have prevented this happening .i think the nhs let everybody concerned down including my own son .my son has no connection to the way the nhs treated the victim thats a seperiate case all together

  4. Im a good friend of the lavers family in fact they are more like family members to me. It makes me sick how people judge others without knowing the facts of this case. 1. the so called victim was an alcoholic who encouraged young children into his home to drink and take drugs. 2.why did he leave it so long to go to the doctors 12 days is a long time to make an appointment after such a so called incident 3. the only witness was the one that forced the victim to press charges not the victim himself and hated levi lavers 4. the witness have to move away for fear of their lives did they move to london or up north, no they moved 10 minutes down the road 5. where was the D N A to prove this ! levi has a mental illness but with my hand my heart i do not believe that he committed this crime the lavers will always be very good frinds of mine and i will stick by them all not matter what.

  5. sorry i just come across this-that dear old “victim” i have known 4 yrs-i had to warn him off some young girls he was pestering sexually on the bus- 1 of many occasions id seen him hassling youngsters-so hardly a victim ay-picking on underage boys and girls-ppl need tro get there bloody facts straight b4 they comment u bunch of saps

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