Hiding In Hip Hop – On The Down Low in the Entertainment Industry from Music to Hollywood is a riveting memoir. 

The book uncovers a hidden and well-known unspoken secret. Deep within the confines of Hip-Hop is a prominent gay sub-culture. A world that industry insiders are keenly aware of, but choose to ignore. From the testosterone of men striving to be on top and in control, to the “by any means necessary” bravado in an industry that thrives on power, homosexuality is a reality at nearly every level of Hip-Hop. Hiding In Hip Hop is a heartfelt sojourn of a young man searching for self, love, and sexual identity in the most homophobic places – the black family, community, church, and Hip Hop.

Author Terrence Dean takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride as he becomes romantically involved with some of Hollywood’s and Hip Hop’s elite, and into an underground world of down low brothers, sex parties, and love starved celebrities. Struggling to find a place for himself in a homophobic culture Dean’s compelling story is one of hope, love, and in spite of everything, coming to terms with one’s self and being a catalyst for change and empowerment in the game of Hip-Hop.

‘Hiding In Hip Hop – On The Down Low in the Entertainment Industry from Music to Hollywood’ will go on sale, May 13th 2008.  Click here to pre-order. 

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  1. It’s about damn time!!! AH HAAA…you’ve been outed Diddy and Kanye!!! lol.
    Love you all….just come out…and be proud!!

  2. Mishal, what are you saying, ehh ehh !!!

    Janice says – From what I’ve heard, no names are mentioned… we have to guess…

    Can’t wait man, FRAUDDDDDDDDDDS !!! The blogs will be on fire lol !!!
    You are what you are init !!! ha ha ha ha ha haa ha ha ha ha ha haa

  3. To each its own. Whatever his hidden motive, we’ll never truly know. I have mixed emotions because when I first heard about this book, of course I was anxious to get my hands on this book. Then I asked myself why would he want to ruin so many families with these revelations whether true or false. Their wives, children, mothers and fathers are ultimately the ones that’s going to suffer. Some people do things before they think of the consequences of their actions and the affect it tends to have on other people’s lives. Hopefully, after the smoke clears these families can continue to be productive parents for the sake of their kids. To Mr. Dean, you came out of the closet on YOUR own, when YOU felt that YOU were ready and had come to terms about your sexuality! What gives you the right to make a decision for others that you took years to make for yourself?

  4. i personally dont think its true but everyones entitled to their own opinion
    when i think of hip hop i think of the struggle so many of us have gone thru, i think of the joy it brings to the listeners when they have someone that relates to theirt life and the things we as people go through daily it gives hope that someday maybe we can make it out of the ghetto and relate to someone else so they to have hope

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