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Rapper Foxy Brown was released from prison earlier today ,and as you can see, was greeted with much fan fare.

Anyone would think that we’re back in 1990 and Nelson Mandela’s just been released from prison.

Listen to the idiot shouting “free at last, free at last” – This is Foxy Brown, a deranged waste of space who got what she deserved! She wasn’t a political prisoner who had her freedom snatched away, because she was trying to make a difference in the world.

How long will it be before she’s thrown back in to the cage?

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  1. ‘Free at Lasssssssst’ – Embarssing !!!!

    I did’nt even know Foxy was on Lockdown- what did she do now ?

    Looks like she’s running competition with Lil Kim….

  2. how many more watermelon moments must i endure………..
    is she some sort of hero for what she did.. i dont understand….
    pay for your nails girls…
    you aint naomi campbell!!!………..
    ahhhh .. welcome home !!!!
    did you hear me foxy!!! w..e…l.. ahhh forgt it!!!

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