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This made my eyes water. This guy could have broken his neck or ended up paralysed down one side of his body. 

And listen to fool fool spectator Juelz Santana attempting to console the man’s girlfriend ringside. ”Don’t worry baby, he be alright, this is what he do, he built for this”.  LOL!!!! (smh….). If I was the girlfriend I would have told Juelz to shut his claart!

Who came up with this foolishness?????

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  1. That’s what I was thinking when Juelz was talking to her… Damn be a lil more consoling.

    Dude looked like he dyed instantly but luckily he just got knocked the fuck out!

  2. I’m just glad the African won, being an African myself…LOL

    Seriously, though, that’s part of the sport.

    That’s what mixed martial arts fighting is all about~!

    Sometimes people get hurt. Seriously. That’s precisely why it’s not for everybody.

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