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VHI 1’s  ‘Miss Rap Supreme’ premiered last night in the US, and judging by this clip it looks like it’s going to be one big hilarious mess! LMAO.




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  1. “u’se a 1-hit wonda”, kinda catchy. LMBAO. More reality crap, thank u Lord, I don’t hv VH1. BTW, was xpectin ’em 2 throw som Ds……. Stil waitin 4 those Ds.

  2. Actually Ms. Thug Misses cheatd, she actually has a song calld Respect Me on her Gangstress CD. Oh & Secret Lemonade Drinker [err…dat was a handful], I’m guessin’ she was tryin 2 ryhme.

  3. I love this show, I really don’t believe that Ms. Cherry can rap at all, all she ever does is SPEAK she can write true enough but her delivery is SUPER WEAK, and im glad CHIBA is gone, the WINNER in my eyes should definetly be BYATA she has flow, style, she’s versitale and puts the others to shame, she just gotta quit being so cocky and do the damn business. As far as Blonde chick NO not gonna happen maybe she can make a DVD with her mom’s. She can flow but overall NOT as good as BYATA. The next show should be MS. POETRY SUPREME I would love to be on that show!!!!!! Holla we repping Davenport, Iowa

  4. I like Ms. Cherry tho, she will get a shot at her 1 hit wonder 2, but Ms. Chiba we gon see her again….

    A town shouting out for Ms. Cherry!!!!!!!!!!!

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