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There are sooooooo many layers to this story. But to cut a long story short (for those not familiar with this news story), Shannon Matthews is a nine year old girl who went missing in February of this year and was found 24 days later.

Her mother claimed that she had failed to return home after a swimming lesson, which resulted in a huge nationwide search for the little girl.

Karen Matthews (32 and mother to seven children) then appeared on television, holding up a manky looking teddy bear and tearfully pleaded for her daughter’s safe return.

Weeks later police found Shannon (alive – thank God!) in her stepfather’s (Craig Meehan) uncle’s (Michael Donovan) home, not far from where she lived.

This aroused suspicion. Before it had become public knowledge, a source told me that the police suspected that this ‘abduction’ was in fact a scam.

Last week Shannon’s stepfather, Craig Meehan, was arrested and charged for being in possession of child porn. Yesterday his uncle, Michael Donovan (charged with abduction) attempted to commit suicide in his cell, and Karen Matthews has now been charged in connection with her disappearance/child neglect. 

It’s alleged that Karen knew where Shannon was all a long and that other members of the family were involved in an elaborate plot to gain public sympathy and cash from Shannon’s disappearance. They hoped to raise thousands of pounds by setting up a ‘Shannon fund’,  Madeleine McCann style,  but it all blew up in their dumb faces!

Shannon Matthews a long with her siblings have all now been taken in to care.

Did these LOSERS really think they would get away with this????  

What they did beggers disbelief!

All those who involved that poor child in their deception, wasted police time and lied to the nation, deserve to get the book thrown at them!


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  1. Cousin, mother, step father, father, uncle, cat, dog – it looks lke the whole crew were involved. In a nut shell they tried to pawn their child for cash.

    How they thought they would get away it just proves how dumb they were.
    Now in custody mother/stepfather are apparentky on suicide watch purleeeeeaaaasssse.

    Thank god that poor child is now free from these nutters…

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