The single ‘Side Effects’ is taken from Mariah’s new album ‘E=MC2’, and I actually like it. It’s catchy and even though I’m not the biggest Jeezy fan, I love his southern twang and raspy voice. 

Admittedly though Mariah’s music sounds like run of the mill bubble gum R&B these days, which explains her lacklustre vocals for the past 10 years. She’s basically adapted her voice so that it fits comfortably on top of bubble gum production, because that’s what sells.

But anyway, ‘Side Effects’ is a hundred times better then the awful ‘Touch My Body’. I’m sorry but I cringe whenever I hear that track. I just think ‘Mariah you’re 38 not 18. The track just sounds so empty and immature.

‘Side Effects’ – Mariah Carey featuring Young Jeezy

Your thoughts please…….


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  1. Im on and off with it. Usually I have an allergy on her, but, somehow, someway this track got me positively…

  2. I am very critical on music as a dj and quite frankly, Mariah is just not making it happen anymore. I very much agree with you about her vocals over the past decade. Let’s face it though, we will never get another “Vision Of Love” and that song seems to have been forgotten by the general public as the song that put her on the map in the first place. (I do wonder whether she still have the chops to perform that song now). Young Jeezy is a young joke as far as I’m concerned and truly will not have longevity. “Side Effects” will be forgettable.

  3. I have seen Mariah Carey perform live and believe me she can still sing “Vision of Love” just because she tone down on her voice does not mean she can’t sing anymore. Como on people, we know what sells and also we know we all change and have to expand our horizons. Music changes, we was sold back in the 90s is not going to sell now. Mariah might be 38 but her body is amazing, I saw her on Oprah when she came to Chicago and man she can still sing. Let’s not forget that she had 18th # 1s and has mantained to be number one for such a long time. If you ever got the “Adventures of Mimi” DVD you will see that Mariah can still perform. Mariah is not perfect but we know that she will always be “The Voice” as she is called and the best selling female artist of all times with more #1s by a solo artist.

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