Rapper Jim Jones stars in the newly released film ‘Who’s Deal?’ alongside actress Elise Neal.   

Film Synopsis:

“A divorced work-a-holic attorney, Passion (Elise Neal) thrives to do more with her life, especially her love life. She encounters a rendezvous with a stealthy baller, Devon (Jim Jones) seeking romance  too. His poker partners, Clock (Hassan Johnson – THE WIRE) and Slick (Jackie Long – THE COMEBACKS, ATL, IDLEWILD)  narrate the romance adventure when Devon is a no-show at their weekly high stakes poker game.” (Source: Select Media)

My Jim Jim is so sexy and multi-talented. He’s about to shut the acting game down!

Give him a few more years and he will be up there with Denzel… 🙂

If I’m honest though, other than Jim’s impressive first time performance as a leading man (shivers), the film is a spectacular low budget mess that will go straight to Youtube and then DVD.

Most of the actors featured in the trailer are more or less established and have appeared in numerous film/TV projects over the years. But they look so wooden and amaturish in this , especially Elise Neal. I have never seen her give a bad performance, so what was the problem this time around? And I am surprised that she agreed to appear in this film.

It just looks appaulingly bad, but you know I’m going to watch the entire film at some point…..LOL! 


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  1. “My Jim Jim is so sexy and multi-talented. He’s about to shut the acting game down!”


  2. In-ta-rest-in, cud sm1 please take d wheel & shove it down d ocean?? Janice, me thinks sm1 needs divine intervention…….

  3. J, you know i have nothing but pure luv for ya but i am seriously worried about these deep rooted delusions you keep having about Jim Jones – did you watch the same trailer we did??

    “Give him a few more years and he will be up there with Denzel… ”

    People, pray for J, we can help her get through this

  4. This film is shockingly bad !!! Thank god for the trailer. Can you imagine if you went to see the film without prior warning, paper bag over your head scenario.

    ” My Jim Jim is so sexy and multi-talented ” – Janice whens the wedding, lets just get this over with – lol !!!

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