A British TV director was accused today of causing the deaths of four members of an isolated Amazonian tribe by unwittingly introducing the flu virus into their remote village.

Matt Currington, a London-based documentary maker, has been blamed for triggering a “mini-epidemic” in the village of 250 people which led to the deaths of three children and one adult of the Matsigenka people, who live in the isolated Amazonian Cumerjali area of south-eastern Peru.

The 38-year-old was employed by Cicada Productions as researcher when he travelled to the area with a guide last year to scout for locations for the World’s Lost Tribes series, which airs on the Discovery Channel.

Government officials say there has been an outbreak of respiratory sickness since he and a guide visited the region despite warnings not to interact with the tribe, who have no contact with outsiders. The Peruvian government has consulted the regional Indian rights organisation Fenama and plans to ban the company from returning to the area.

Survival International, a campaigning group for indigenous peoples around the world, condemned the TV crew for ignoring warnings to stay away from the area’s most vulnerable communities.

A spokesman said: “They were warned not to go upstream, but were unhappy with the tribe in Yomybato – the village they were permitted to visit – as the Indians appeared too westernised. So, in searching for a more stereotypical tribe, they came into contact with a vulnerable community. Continue Reading

The same thing happened hundreds of years ago in the Americas, Africa and Australia. The introduction of the common cold/flu helped to wipe out some of the orginal inhabitants.

Anyway, it seems that Matt Currington and co just didn’t take the warnings seriously and didn’t care. All that mattered to them was making “good television!”

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  1. F****** A** H***, S***** S** O* a B****.
    Thats what I have to say about this stupid ignorant middle class prize prick. I personally think he and his crew should do a life sentence for murder.

  2. It would make a great live fly on the wall documentary entitled “Prick of a white middle class English man in South American prison for 10 years”. Bearing in mind there’s no NHS there, I’m sure we will all be very exited viewing the final outcome.

  3. There is only one prick here by the way, and that is you Angel….it’s typical of dumb and naive ignorants f****s like yourself to say something like this.

    You probably sit on your arse all day claiming benefits at least there are people who have the balls and interest to actually go and make a factual and interesting documentary.

    There is no proof that a tv crew went to this location…have you ever thought that there might actually be a political agenda behind this and that blaming a tv crew provides a perfect scapegoat to the truth.

    What about the real issues – about the survival of these tribes in areas which are ripe for natural destruction by loggers, who bring in..guess what…diseases and,…guess what again… pollution which guess what help cause the diseases which probably killed these people in the first place.

    Easy to scapegoat an individual without actually looking for the truth.

    What about with the obvious years of experience this researcher has that he might somehow be aware of such things as diseases and the effect that such things as a cold could do.

    Of course no-one wants the truth because it doesn’t sell papers nor does it help the many people profiting from the ‘real’ destruction….and they probably work for the local government or the institutions or who would benefit from the destruction of these tribes.

    You, Angel, are seriously culturally brainwashed.

  4. Christopher Columbus relations live on huh….my father told me Cristpoher Columbus was a no good theiving, lying bastard (when I was eight btw eek) and you see how these fluxy media graduates have no thought to anything – nothing has changed from English arogance.

    Too westernize – mi back foot…I hope they are publicly flogged. Bloody disgusting!!!!

  5. “Irie Says:

    March 28, 2008 at 9:02 pm e

    Christopher Columbus relations live on huh….my father told me Cristpoher Columbus was a no good theiving, lying bastard (when I was eight btw eek) ”

    My father told me the same thing! LOL

  6. Listen You little Wanker who calls himself John, Go tell your sad tale and excuses to the mothers of these children who are now dead. Thats right you little toe rag, there is no NHS out there, so when the government tells you to stay out of a particular area, and when immunologists tell you to stay our of an area, or when biochemists, or epidemiologists, biologists etc… then you Fucking listen. OK Columbus?
    Alternatively Ill do a deal with you, Ill just put a tube of multidrug resistant TB in your house, and then Ill find some twit like you to make excuses for me.

  7. I’m sorry Johnny that you are so obsessed with claiming benefits, I’m sure your Giro is on its way, so please let me educate you to improve your career prospects. A woman in such a remote area has an very high increase of neonatal deaths, before she actually delivers a live healthy baby. Then after birth the child has about a 20% chance of living up to the age of five (this is a very conservative estimate). Also the death rate of women during childbirth is also considerably higher (No NHS). This man that killed 3 children might as well have killed 12+ people straight away.
    Researchers for documentaries are not invited on the whole to such remote areas, however scientists are after intense scrutiny and providing the correct procedures are used, ie health checks, vaccinations and a period of isolation.

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