“It opens with his murder and funeral, then doubles back to his Brooklyn childhood. We get a few scenes of Biggie at home, in the classroom, and on the corner dealing crack; there are some rap posters in his bedroom, and we see him fill a rhyme book during a nine-month prison sentence, but there’s no real explanation given for how he went from enthusiastic fan to one of hip-hop’s all-time most revered emcees. Nevertheless, by page 30, he’s signed to Puffy’s label, and from there it’s a mad, tensionless dash to the end of his biography, with all emerging conflicts — his mom’s breast cancer, baby-mama drama, various love triangles (Biggie, Faith Evans, Lil’ Kim; Biggie, Evans, Tupac) — resolved within a scene or two. Read the full description here.

This sounds like its going to be one DRY biopic!

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  1. The basketball and hip-hop culture fusion born in 1984 is known now as The “Dunkadelic-Era” In America, 1984-Present. The “Dunkadelic-Era” will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary during the year 2009 (1984-2009). The “Dunkadelic-Era” is the first and only sport-and-music defined time period in American history. The 5 following events in 1984 led to the birth of The “Dunkadelic-Era”.

    1. The NBA first introduced the Slam Dunk Contest to All-Star Weekend on January 28, 1984. Larry Nance defeated Dr. J to win the Slam Dunk Championship.

    2. David Stern was announced as the 4th NBA Commisioner on February 1, 1984.

    3. Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons formed Def Jam Records in March 1984. Def Jam remains the #1 hip-hop label in the industry. Kurtis Blow the hip-hop pioneer releases the hit rap song ‘Basketball’ from the Ego Trip album.

    4. The Fresh Fest was the first major hip-hop concert tour featuring Kurtis Blow, RUN-DMC, Whodini, Newcleus, and the Fat Boys. The tour had 27 stops earning more than 3.5 million dollars.

    5. Michael Jordan was selected by the Chicago Bulls with 3rd pick of the 1984 NBA Draft on June 19, 1984. Jordan would sign with Nike and produce the “Air Jordan” sneakers that would later become symbols of fashion within the hip-hop culture.

    Bonus Events:

    John Thompson the Hall-of-Fame coach would become the first African-American Division 1 college basketball coach to win an NCAA Championship. He led the Georgetown Hoyas with star center Patrick Ewing over the Houston Cougars 84-75 on April 2, 1984.

    NBA current stars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Andre Iguodala, LeBron James, Nate Robinson, Brandon Roy, and Deron Williams were all born in 1984. Carmelo is the new-face of the Jordan Brand, and LeBron wears the #23 just as Jordan. Andre Iguodala the hi-flyin’ forward of the Philadelphia 76ers was born the same day of the first NBA Slam Dunk Contest January 28, 1984.

    Notorious BIG had a huge impact on The “Dunkadelic-Era” and is 1 of the 25 Most Influential to 25th Anniversary of the basketball and hip-hop time period born in 1984.

  2. Man yo i saw the movie and i am only 12 so when i was born he was already dead and people said he was the greatest of all time and i was like yea ringt and when i saw the movie i was like man this dude is ganster lil wayne aint on his level lol but know i fell like i know the dude

    R.I.P B.I.G gone but not 4goten

    Thanks 4 making the movie Holla back 1

  3. being only 3 when biggie died. i never got to see him live rapping. that what is really upsetting to me. the movie was really great. best movie ever. explains the fued between pac and biggie on the east coast side. but he died to young biggie. actualy both of them pac and biggie, they were only 23,24. its been 12 years without them since then. rap has been not the same. not even close. soulja boy,lil wayne all suck. the only good one is jay z. ludacris,and t.i. i really think that lil wayne is a joke. hes not that good. you can’t understand him. rip biggie and pac. u guys are deeply missed. i hope your making good music up in heaven and having concerts up there. rap aint the same with out you. from listening to p diddy on youtube. you can tell that he loved you and you were his best friend.

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