Singer Javine Hylton has given birth to former So Solid Crew member MC Harvey’s baby.

Javine, who had an affair with Harvey while he was married to Strictly Come Dancing winner Alesha Dixon, plans to name their new daughter Angel.

She gave birth in hospital at Tooting, South London, early on Saturday. Continue reading

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  1. Welcome to the world little one……

    Seeing these two together just doesn’t seem right , especially after seeing Alesha/Harvey together for so long.

    Why did he get married in the first place – what a mockery of a so called commitment to marriage. Smuccccccccccch !!!

  2. Crazy, she’s a good looking girl, but thats it !!! Alesha is worth so much more !!! The wedding dress was still warm god damn it !!!

    Anyway, it’s done now and look how Dixon has moved swiftly on – if she stayed with talentless Harvey who knows where she would be now – Good for her !!!

  3. Congratulations to the loving couple. No doubt they will embrace parenthood positively. As for all the haters, life goes on, so get over it.

  4. Morefire says – As for all the haters, life goes on, so get over it.

    Peace onto you bro/sis…. Life does go on, but when things happen in life UNNECESSARILY due to lack of commitment/greed, people who are the victim NEVER !!! get over it. So let the victim be the judge of that.

    ” Loving couple indeed “…..Why do people bother to commit/marry if the vows don’t last more than 5minutes. Just stay single and f–k around, then no one gets hurt and everyone is happy. Smuccccccccch !!!

  5. Alesha is so much better than javine. What was Harvey Thinking???
    Alesha is extraordinarily talented but really genuine whne you meet her whereas javine was barely famous and is now only famous as a home-wrecker!

    We love Alesha!!!!!

  6. Victims like who?? We are all victims… There is also two sides to a story but all we keep hearing in the media is that: Alesha is prettier, why did Harvey get married, blah, blah, blah. It makes no difference as Harvey is with Javine now and good luck to them and their newborn. None of us are perfect and you all have skeletons in your closets. Harvey and Javine just got caught out!! Alesha chose to further her career instead of having children with Harvey. So what! It’s not as if Alesha is going to be as big as Whitney, Mariah or Beyonce and at the end of the day Alesha is not exactly Leona Lewis – so who is she fooling about focussing on her music career…!!

  7. Morefire says – Harvey and Javine just got caught out!!

    JUST!!! so yeah , ….., I’m old skool mate, you are obviously not. Like i said why bother to get married if you are ging to f-ck around. Just stay a player.

    What does it matter who is prettier than who, career’s etc. The debate for me is not about Javine’s beauty or lack of it. IT’S ABOUT COMMITTMENT !!!Before Alesha and Harvey committed to each other, would they not have intelligently discussed whether they wanted to have children together, if they didn’t they are naive. Who knows, who cares. All my point is DON’T GET MARRIED IF YOUR GOING TO BE TEMPTED , AS SOON AS THE NEXT PRETTY CHICK COMES ALONG. Isnt it supposed to be ” FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE”…” FOR RICHER OR POORER ”

    Marriage is not just about the celebration etc , it’s a long time committment….. I’m guessing you are young from the comments you make. We always make excuses for people when they f-ck up, saying no one is pefect etc… why should we continue to do that, when the person who is at fault knows exactly what they are doing at the time…smuccchh !

    For the record, i don’t have skeletons in my closet. If i’m with someone I’m committed to that peson, if i then decide to move on I do exactly that, i don’t creep around.

    Like you said good luck to the ‘HAPPY/LOVNG’ couple and peace onto you.

  8. yawn, if the women didnt wont kids and harvey wanted family why would he stay i wouldnt afir play to him if all she cares about is what her boby looks like . havrey live it large.

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