This isn’t pretty folks…. this preacher is something else…. wow!

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  1. This man is mad as hell…and he has people nodding behind him too. The things that came out of his mouth I’m surprised he’s a minister. And they call him “The Honourable James Davis Manning, PhD” – They’re crazy.

  2. NUT JOB !!!

    Preacher – “everybody knows his mother is white and his father is not even American, he’s from Africa – lol !!! Is this guy for real !!!

  3. got his ish all wrong dum ignorant man that’s what affects some americans wrong and he’s a preacher. I call it self hate. Come out with something better if you don’t like the dude, sinner.

  4. I’m an ex minister and this retard should follow in my footsteps and be an ex too! With that mouth of his I’m thinking his better career choice would be the crazy man that yells profanities at people in the subway….hey he could even use this sermon! On a side note… he sound just like Yosemite Sam!!!! LMAO!

  5. Good for him. If you’ll notice the comments that have been printed seem to be from the less intelligent, possibly uneducated. This preacher appears to be color blind which is more than I can say for Obama.

  6. If we as black people share the dispositions and hateful attitude that Mr. Manning has we will never reach the potential as a people that he speaks of. His positions are ancient and his methods are not and were never effective in the advancement of any race. Barack Obama is the epitomy of what is needed in this day and age. We are trying to leave that slave mentality and that brutal history behind us. Im not saying forget your heritage but don’t harbor the mentality that will never set you free.

  7. Holy cow! My first encounter with a black klansman. There is nothing Honorable about this man. Im sure his congregation has got to be extremly dissappointed in their preacher! I would never been able to sit thru any sermon like that, I could barely sit thru the video. Thumbs down Mr.Man

  8. You are disgrace to the African American race and it’s really sad you stand as a man of God and preach such trash. I am sure God did not give you this ‘word’ to share because there is no reference to anything you’ve said in the Bible and you of all people should know, this type of preaching doesn’t win souls and the last time I checked…that is your call – to win souls…SHAME ON YOU!


  10. This is another case of an ignorant church leader using his pulpit as a means to sway and manipulate people into voting his way. It is really an abuse of his authority as a pastor and spiritual go to man. If he was ever a man called by God to lead people, he has certainly gotten disconnected somewhere along the way. I feel bad for his members sitting there being infected with that viral bile that he has contaminated the word of God with. I know that the sum of Christian living is to love your neighbor as yourself and it is obvious that he’s got no love for anyone that disagrees with him (which is anti christian) and if he is not inclined to vote for Obama that is his prerogative, but to try and condemn, judge and actually insult people for wanting to put hope in some other black man other than him is utterly absurd. It’s clear that he has been over due for retirement, time to sit down and SHUT UP!!!!!!!

  11. What a sssiiicccckkk display of complete IGNORANCE and more importantly, a disheartening use of authority. He calls Mr. Obama trash becuase his Mom is trash then I look at the young lady to his right in the video who is clearly mixed-is she trash also? How does she feel now? I look at all of those neatly dressed ‘vessels’ called black young males being filled with the ideals that essentially they are nappy headed and outside of his tutelage, they will be no good pimps that have no toilets? Has he peeked his head out side since 1930? With the help and favor of of the Lord, black peoeple-men in particuar are doing it! Apparently he has such a love/hate relationship with ‘massa’ because he loves them for the bones they throw and expect us to run after them for it and then calls them trash because that is how they made him feel as black man growing up. I’m sure with his age, he dealt with a nice dose of discrimination and brown-nosing which leads him to voice his frustrations about his oppressors for the way he saw his people being treated and with the apparend disgust with himself for allowing that abuse. He needs 2 trade N that purple robe for a white hood-so sad! Dude, Dave Chappell was just kidding-we don’t need a Black, White Supremist! I feel for you, your congregation and your wife who appears to have white blood in her as well! So much 4trash… Praying 4 U and the healing of your heart and mind then the healing for all that you oversee.

  12. The devil is wearing the robes of a preacher! I’m glad God is not dead, if he were we’d all be in trouble.

  13. I suppose youwere one of those who cal Bill Clinton the Black President— Well if not you sound as one of them who always made that statement. JUst to share with you a thought and ask you another question? Did you ever hear Hillary say she was The First Black Lady?
    Shame on you to stand in your pulpit and call yourself a preacher on Sunday morning with such comments aa I listen to. If they are all of that and a bag of chips why are you in a srore front church and needing carpet and pulpit furniture? If they cared for you as much as you care for them why didn’t Bill Clinton invite you to the prayer breakfast to pray instead of Pastor Wright? Answer that question?When he was in trouble with that woman as he puts it. I will put you on my prayer list because you need it and all of your members.. But as i recall I really didn’t see that many in the audience. But I did see Young Black men and what an example you are fcr tham. May God Bless you. I’m really ashame of such a so called preacher or really have you been called by God? Here we have a very intelligent black young man who every black person in the world should beproud of and you hsve the nerve to stand and blaspheme him in that way you should be ashame of your-self. God will take care of Senator Obama and you also. But allow me o suggest one thing too you If your candidate get elected I hope they think enough of you to invite you to pray for them when Bill get in trouble with Monica or who-ever. OK?

  14. do not drink the Kool-Aid…..
    This guy is on something i don’t know what he’s on but hes more like the slave who would run to the slave master and tell ” Theys running away massa”…. all the while hoping the massa would make his portion of chicken a bit larger….. see this guy really doesn’t get it but can’t save them all.
    the revolution will be televised…….

  15. I am shocked to hear a preacher talk this way. He idolize the Clinton’s and forgot who he was suppose to worship. He also forgot the Ten Commandments, sorry,or does he know them. This man is what I always called an educated fool. I would be afraid to enter his church or even be around him, I would be afraid God would strike him and his congregation with lightning. What a pitiful man and even pitiful followers. I hope hater Manning gets some mental help… he needs to be put in the looney bin and see if the Clintons will come to his aid. God bless you because you are certainly going to need to ask for forgiveness. And if you think black people are the weakest people on the planet, you must be talking about your mama, and mama’s mama. You are certainly from african descent and your mama too. Satan (Manning) is busy. The Clintons have made you look like an idiot and your followers too. By the way, I just decided after hearing you to vote for Obama. Because I don’t want to follow someone who asscociate themselves with an idiot like you. I bet the Clintons will disown you when they hear this. Everyone, including the Clintons think you are on crack. Are you?

  16. I am shocked to hear a preacher talk this way. He idolize the Clinton’s and forgot who he was suppose to worship. He also forgot the Ten Commandments, sorry,or does he know them. This man is what I always called an educated fool. Help is on the way.

  17. This greatly saddens me to hear someone who professes to be called of God to preach the gospel, carry-on this way. I truly believe that the heart of the Savior is grieved to hear a person use the pulpit for this diatribe. May the God of mercy have mercy on him and on the people that he is responsible for leading.

  18. What a ignorant fool!! This is the old william Lynch mentaility, divide and conquer. House Negro shut up please.

  19. What a sick jerk this man is. I wonder if he still is a pastor of his church? If so may GOD bless his congregation by letting them see that any man who would degrade his own reletives and his own race in such a mannor as this belongs in a mental institution rather than a pulpit. What a disgrace.

  20. What a simple house ni**a! The people he is preaching about are people to is himself! These type of brothers are the ones who hold us back from great things. I lived in Arkansas and hell, I worked at the McDs that Clinton use to come to all the time. Bill is not running for President, Hil-dog is and frankly, nobody likes her. All we needed is some Uncle Tom to do a little dance when the white man thows you a few pennies. I’m glad the the Clintons gave to the community but what about the rest of the world?! There is always some dumb brother who does not “get it” that always rats on the rest of his people thinking that he is doing good. When he talks about slavery I am sure one of his great great great granddads told massa that the field ni**as are planning to run away and they don’t appriciate all that massa does for them! Don’t think for me or anyone else! Has the ni**a ever traveled the world? Does he know that this is bigger than him and his little claim to fame? I say when we see this ni**a kick the piss out of his boots! I’m going to call you “2 pennies” ’cause thats what you’ll dance for! Ol, simple brother. Oh, your going to hell with the rest of the “2 pennies” so you can add up to a dollar for the devil so he can make a long distance phone call! WORD

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