Stephen Lawrence – 1974 -1993


And so after all these years the blatant disrespect continues!

Its a blessing that his parents took his body home to Jamaica for buriel, because if Stephen had been laid to rest here in the UK, he would have never been left alone to rest in peace…

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  1. The building will be repaired, the kids will continue to go to this special place, his memory will sustain, racists will also be around BUT WE WILL ALWAYS BE AROUND TOO nuff said.

  2. Its so sick that someone would do this, I mean £10million wasted so some poor little rubber lipped c**ts can make out they want to be achitects when really they just wanna go out sell some drugs, then cry about it when they step on someones toes and get a knife in the neck.

  3. why is he/whoever even reading your blog?
    where did they find it from?

    typical of over detailed racists (except when it comes to spelling), spending all day pontificating about black people. As far as I can tell Millwall is looking a little blackcentric, maybe thats why he/whoever is really pissed. Work your anger out at the next match, mate! Not that it will make any difference to the progress.

    Btw, if you spent more time at college, and less time online, you’d improve your english.

  4. I dont have time for college, i spend too much time stabbing up rapist drug dealing ethnics like SL. English is spelt with a capital E you disrespectful four door.

  5. I can’t actually believe what I’m reading here…When I heard this story on the news I was shocked…This has shocked me more…The ignorance that is being displayed is crazy and uncomprehendable to me….As an EDUCATED white woman, my heart goes out to those that feel any form of prejudice against them…The things that make us different, whether interior or exterior, are the things that make us the people we are, the things that make us special…And personally for me make this world a more beautiful place to live…It’s ignorance like this that tarnishes it…

    People need to seriously fix up their mentalities…I’ve said this so many times but I’ll say it again…We bleed the same blood and we cry the same tears…….

  6. CleoC: typical of over detailed racists (except when it comes to spelling),

    What about the spelling mistake in the title of this article? What the hell is “VANDALISE”?

    Anyway, apparently a gang of 3 youths is now thought responsible – one of them black, although this hasn’t stopped the police trying to put a racially motivated spin on it.

    And where’s the proof Lawrence’s murder was racially motivated? Seriously, where is it?

    If Britain’s that awful, then why not leave? Don’t you have a moral obligation to persuade would-be immigrants to go to a well-run black country, like Zimbabwe or Haiti? What unique things did black people bring to modern Britain? Steel drums? African food? Tell me!

  7. i’m tired of racist ignorant mofos that keep sayin, “If u don’t like the country, then leave…” really? how about, I didn’t ask 2 b here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! History tells the truth!

    And by the way, if it wasn’t 4 the Ancient and highly intelligent Egyptians, u wouldn’t even know how 2 spell ur damn name nor count 2 five!!!!!!! STOP THE IGNORANCE AND HATE AND READ THE TRUTH!!!

  8. I find it hilarious that those twats would join this blog. What a waste of their time !!!. Who gives a toss what they have to say.

    “If Britain’s that awful, then why not leave? ” – We’re here to stay mate and we love it !!! lol and we’ve invited our good friends the Poles to join us in droves – makes your job very difficult, doesn’t it !!!

    Acourt and crew !!!

  9. Honestly Janice, I’ve been away for a while so have been looking forward to catching up and getting jokes. This was too funny – when I saw the name i said buttttt waitttt !!! My yam and oxtail dropped right out of my mouth !!!

    Thats like me surfing on the BNP’s site – who has the time for that nonsense… Why would they bother, I mean seriously – it’s too funny !!…

    I award you a fat pay rise for doing your job properly and meeting your objectives. Even now i have tears in my eyes I am laughing so much. Why did they go there !!! Oh dear, i must stop laughig and go to bed.

    S.L. – RIP !!!

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