This morning I came across new “British singing sensation” David Jordan on early morning breakfast show, GMTV.

Presenter, Andrew Castle, introduced David as being “Britain’s answer to Justin Timberlake” and my response to that was ‘whatever Andrew!!!’. If any thing he would probably just be the poor man’s Justin Timberlake, just like Mystique were the poor man’s  Destiny’s Child and Billie was the poor man’s Britney Spears. 

But I stopped what I was doing and watched David’s performance…..

Now as I watched – CRINGING, because at one point during an incredibly  ‘camp’ performance, David insisted on dropping the odd, slightly revised Michael Jackson move, mixed in with a little Prince (accept not as sexy) and Terence Trent D’Arby (remember him folks), and even attempted to seductively rub his private parts…. (shaking head)  

David’s ‘Alternative’ sound, theatrics, peculiar dancing, black nail polish, style of dress and campness, just left me thinking ‘how can he be Britain’s answer to Timberlake? Which label publicist came up with that foolishness and then passed it on to Andrew, so he could then go on to repeat a blatant lie to the nation? 

And is this the type of ‘style/vibe’ black British male artists are going to have to adopt  from now on, just to get a deal and a spot on breakfast television?

Lord knows nothing else seems to be working for them at this present time…….

Check out David’s video and track ‘Sun Goes Down’…. 

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  1. Ok I know that the presenters on GMTV dont know anything but at least get researchers who do know somethin “Britains answer to Justin Timberlake” WTF?! Far Far Far from it, different genre of music for a start,some indie/rock stuff, which is not my cup of tea but might well be someone elses..

  2. Is wha de raas dem a talk bout???

    Which piece a Justin, Prince and MJ dem feel him a channel?

    Sweet father, somebody do a intervention!!!

  3. Oh yeah.this fool Terence Trent Darby wannabe…..he has been circulating his weak ish for a while…i think I saw his vid on E4 a while back…..i didnt even register him as good talent – wow GMTV tho’…i guess they had large macca in dem eye when they booked him!!!

  4. Wow, u’ve gotta b kiddin’ me. More like a poor man’s Terence Trent D’Arby & a v v poor homeless man’s Prince. D sun really has gone down.

  5. i REEEALLY dont like this guy. There’s alternative, and there’s alternate.

    Plus the album title rips off Nate James.

  6. Why do they have to embarrass the UK and compare him to JT.
    Oh god !!! the shame of it…..

  7. i think your comments are rude and discouraging,, whoever you loosers are i can tell you now…DAVID IS MILES BETTER THAN ANY1 ONE OF YOU FOOLS THAT Sit behind your computer and do jack with yourlives.. for starters i dont think david consciously said ‘IKNOW IWONT EVERY 1 TO CALL ME JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE OR PRINCE OR MJ’…. you are all bull including the journalist who wrote this bitter jelous piece of crap….
    and on Davids hehalf id also like to and i quote, ‘as a man of colour if this is the sort of unity and love that we have for eachother count me out…keep your VILE nation of hate and disgussed, if thats all you have for your brother…
    shame on you shame on all of you!!!!

  8. “you are all bull including the journalist who wrote this bitter jelous piece of crap….”

    Wow some one actually refered to me as being a journalist… oooh I feel honoured!

    As for the rest of your rant…

    Yeah.. whatever LMAO!!!

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