Yes that’s right. He still refuses to leave the rap game a lone. He still wants to drop albums. He still feels like he’s got something to prove.

What’s left for Jay to say?



According to a representative Jay will NOT be releasing a new album.

Now this has become a pattern with Jay.  He gets his cronies to leak information (e.g. stepping down as Def Jam President), causes a stir, then promptly denies the stories.

Then weeks/months down the line instructs his publicist to release a statement informing us, the little people, that the stories he denied several weeks/months ago were in fact TRUE!

Don’t be surprised if by next month its confirmed by the aging rapper that he will be dropping a new album called ‘The Blueprint 3’  in the summer.

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  1. jay z sucks he’s like 90 trying to rap. he should die a painful death. Nas is king, I hate 50 cent, sesame street corrupted me. I hate my life, I wish I was austrailian. GO BUFFALO BILLS!!!!!!!!! mexicans are taking over

  2. Jay-Z you have to admit is a brilliant man when it comes to making his money.. now if its the case that hes havin people leak info about whatever it maybe then denying it… and people are soaking it up like a sponge the kudos to him. If peole have noticed its a patteren then why do they continue to fun out and get the last album hurry and buy tickets to the last concert or even decide to keep on passing on the “fake” info… its because people thrive on drama, they want to be able to say oh hes not all that or he’ll do anything or a dollar…but if put in the same shoes would you not do the same thing? So at the end of the day when your kickin off your keds and hes kickin off his gucci loafers all you can say really is DONT KNOCK THE HUSTLE… because if you could do it you would to….

    — Die hard Jay fan since 92 Hawaiian Sophie…Lets get it!

  3. NAS is king, TI is ok, kanye’s good, Lupe Fiasco will be great, but Jigga Man, HOVA, ROC, The Jay-Z, well he is GOD to these boyz, this boyz r lil kids to him, he’d rap them kid to death, tear’em limp from limp. Hell the nigga is murdurous. His Shit is always the flyest shit out their and will always be. He is the flyest of da fly and aight afraid to drop outa da sky. He rules and blueprint 3 WILL RULE!!!!!!!

  4. Ok let me start this by saying that johny cocksville you are a real irrellevant type of dude, your response shows why every site we visit on the net has a check if your 18 or older icon. Jay should be every body favorite rapper if yall really listen to rap and respect the rapper not the fact that you hate how arrogant, he is or because he’s a trend setter or the fact that he reps nyc and brooklyn better then anybody rep their place of growth. You should take a break from the hate and pay homage to the god mc for putting his life in his music and giving us someone to relate to, respect him for staying true to his self and his people without being fugazee. He’s gone from living dormant in the projects to building a stadium in brooklyn for his pro ball team and still deny being famous. Yall kill me how yall hate on jay with no propable cause, and say stupid shit like ”lil wayne is the best rapper”, all of yall run around talking about how real yall are and how real shit is where yall grew up at, but wont put yall bid in for a real stand up dude like hov, but yall put yall faith in nigga who claims to be a martian, from planet what ever, come on yall what the fuck is real about a fucking martian, nah nigga im human i live a real life and I do real things hola hovito for all my real mexicans, the blueprint3 yall HOLLA!!!

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