For those who don’t know, Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese have grouped together and are set to release an album at some point….


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  1. I remember going to see Jaheim a few years back with Ginuwine and Tyrese thrown in…or was it two separate concerts re Gin/Tyrese. Can’t remember…… Such a non exerience I’ve forgotten.

    All i know is Jaheim did his thing – totally chilled and cool, but Ginuwine, was a night mare !!! I have never seen anyone love up himself like that kid. Grinding and winding purleeeeeeeasssse. It was just too much too bare. If you can sing you don’t need all the gimmicks… Will the stage be big enough for the heads of Tyrese and Ginuwine, let alone a third person – lol !!!

  2. When I heard these 3 were forming a group I was actually anticipating the drop of their first album….however, I’ve been waiting soooo long now and the little snippets or tracks I have heard aren’t impressing on the level I had hoped they would! I guess I will have to wait and see….when their album drops sometime in 2034!! Lool…

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