(Paris was probably thinking when this picture was taken “I really don’t want this nasty nigger’s greasy mouth and body all over me like this, but it makes for a good photo opp. He’s not your average nigger, I mean like, this is 50!

But when I get home I’m still gonna wash myself off with soap, bleach and Dettol”.)

Apparently Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson will conduct an exclusive interview with his new friend Paris Hilton on Sunday, at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

Why does 50 insist on entertaining that racist little fool???? Did he not see the leaked home videos on the internet?  

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  1. I’ve given up trying to work out why these blasted ‘supposed role models in our communities’ continue to keep the “yessum massa” mentality alive in this day and age!!!!!

    STOP YOUR FOOLISHNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yeah ‘interview’ in front of the camera, ‘*!?*’ off camera. i guess thats the trade off.

  3. I thought Hilton was going to Rawanda to save the African children with her Gucci bag – smuuuuccccch !!!!

    Never heard any reports back so did she actually go ? – shame I was hoping they would have lost her out there…

  4. ”But when I get home I’m still gonna wash myself off with soap, bleach and Dettol”……Loool….This comment made me laugh!! Purely because if I had 50 draped all over me I’d do the same!! Lol….Don’t panic…I love dark skinned black men..Just not the ones that look like him!! On a more serious note…she’s a superficial tramp that gives white women a bad name….but if theres any financial gain to be had then morals and values obviously get put to the side…disregarding her racist antics is a serious flaw on 50’s part!

  5. Even If a white girl, is racist they can’t help but like a

    black man that looks like ginuwine.

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