Eminem has been asked to be the new spokesperson for ‘one for breakfast, one for lunch and a proper dinner’ shake Slim Fast.

The 5 ft 7 rapper has recently put on weight and is reportedly over 200lbs.

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  1. Good !!! I’m glad he’s a porker now – what goes around comes around.

    I have never liked Eminem and when he did that video mocking MJ, I thought WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ??? As much as we all take the
    p-ss out of MJ, Eminem the Porker went too far.

    I hope MJ’s having the last laugh !!! or maybe not with his plastic face-lol!!

  2. you know what i feel for him
    you guys are forgetting something
    his very close friend died ( proof)
    now i remember when i first heard eminem live on radio and proof was with him ..
    you couldnt tell them apart.. ,you could tell they rhyme together often
    and thru his career proof was always the hypeman always in the background ..
    its got to hurt to see your close friend die.. if you think about it eminem has’nt put out any music since then …
    he took it real bad… (in my opinion )
    like most of us will ..
    so as much as i dont like the whole he’s white therefore he’s the greatest mc moniker that mainstream worlwide music has placed on him …
    i cannot laugh at him whilst he’s down …
    he’s hurt bad ..
    falied marriage and best freind dead too ..
    thats tough

  3. Ty says- ” i cannot laugh at him whilst he’s down ” …

    Thats exactly my point – look what he did to MJ when he was down. Took the p-ss, he took it too far. MJ was already in the gutter and he did the video and stuck the knife in deeper. Whilst we all had our opinion between ourselves he thought he’d go one step further and ridicule him more in front of the world . Na, that was off key. Gutted about Proof, but Porker needs to learn we all go through shit so if you’re gonna kick a man when he’s down, WHETHER IT’S HIS WRONG DOING OR NOT !!! remember there’s gonna be a time when you have to face your own obstacles too.

    He didn’t spare MJ no expense when he did the video, so why should we now. As for the marriage breakdown – are you talking about KIM MATHERS !!! Wasn’ that over years ago, when he sang that song about her…”SIT DOWN BITCH, IF YOU MOVE AGAIN I’LL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU”…. Ty Ty Ty even if they remaried that nonsense was over a long time ago.

    Me personally I just don’ like Eminem because I never saw what everyone else raved about.

  4. i hear ya …
    but the mj thing was something we was’nt trying to acknowledge… he went there!! some of us ( lol)will never forgive him for that BUT THE TRUTH ISNT FAR FROM WHAT HE WAS saying tho..!!

    eminem is a cocky so and so .. he also pokes fun at elvis ..

  5. Ty – but the mj thing was something we was’nt trying to acknowledge…

    YOU GOT THAT RIGHT !!!, I beg. As much as I am in no way championing MJ, I just thought at the time, you mo fo Eminem for doing that. MJ was already f–ked and who the hell is Porky to dig the knife in further. I WAS BITTER WHEN I SAW THAT VIDEO !!! as you can probably tell. LOL !!!

    The diff is Ty – as much as MJ has become fallen soldier with nuff demons in the closet, can you think of one black artist that would have done a video like that, I can’t. Other artists didn’t even want to comment to tuff let alone shoot a video. You’re right Eminem is too cocky and when you are that cocky and you have a bit of mistfortune, people tend to be not so forgiving. U GET ME !!! LMAO !!!

  6. I’m probably going to be unpopular here (I think I’m unpopular anywhere on this site already! LOL), but Em was one of my favorite rappers for years.

    Back when he was hungry…before he became a clown…

    After the Marshall Mathers LP (which is a classic!), he fell all the way off in my opinion.

    Anyone who can battle their way to a record deal, regardless of race, stands out as a TRUE emcee in the purest sense of the word, and it was all the more intriguing for me because he was a white boy!

    But then, he started clowing on MJ, etc. That’s when he lost me.

    Em hasn’t put out any good music in many many years. He needs SOME publicity! LOL

  7. Sundance says – ” I’m probably going to be unpopular here (I think I’m unpopular anywhere on this site already! LOL), but Em was one of my favorite rappers for years.”

    Not at all, a difference of opinion is what makes the world go round.

  8. Yeah, you’d be surprised @ how many times ppl look @ me like I’m Clarence Thomas or Montel Williams when I say that I used to be a HUGE Em fan…

    The boy was one of the illest emcees on the planet for some time, and I mean that in the most sincere sense. His delivery and subject matter were ridiculously entertaining, and I thought that both the Slim Shady debut album and the Marshall Mathers LP were classics. That “Stan” song? Fucking blinding.

    But I guess once certain ppl get to a certain comfort level, they stop striving for greatness.

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