For years Steve Harvey’s hair would leave me shaking my head every time I watched him on the ‘Steve Harvey Show’.

He looks so much better now.

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  1. I was loving the high-top. That along with the bushy moustache – mmm hmmm, oh yes, Mr Harvey was fierce darling, absolutely fierce!!!

  2. I love Steve. I listen to him everyday on the Morning Show with him and Carla, and his Nephew Tommy and Shirely Strawberry! I just wish I had the finances to go to his life television programs! I used to love the “Big Top” show he had with variety show acts and community personalities! The Steve Harvey Show was great also. I am so glad you posted his JET MAGAZINE PICTURE! He does look very, very, very GOOD! Keep up the good work in telling and showing us proud, educated, and positive influences in the talent industry!

  3. Steve something is wrong when we have to listen to people on how we dress and wear our hair. People should be happy however you choose to look. I liked tghe haircut fro it was a perfect cut. I can’t find a barber no where in Cali that knows how to give a shape up hair cut without grabbing the clipper guards, a good barber do not need Guards. I could see that you had a perfect barber. Just keep on keeping on and don’t forget to be thankful for life…

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