I spotted yet another straight to the point blog posted by DJ Vlad and thought I would repost it on here.

All you beggie beggie ‘artists’ out there please take note!

“Your network determines your net worth”

A lot of people email me everyday to try to ‘network’.  Most of the time, they don’t understand what networking really means. 

Your network is people that you have done actual business with – not people that you have seen in the club.  I’ve had conversations with Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Puffy multiple times.  I didnt’ have any business that I could bring to them at that time, so they’re not in my network.  

I met Paul Wall before he got his deal, but he already had built up a strong following and had a history of doing big shows and selling a lot of albums.  I put him on my mixtapes and dvds.  Once he got signed, he did verses for my songs without charging me.  He would also reach out to connect with artists like Keak the Sneak for his own songs, which I would hook up.  Paul Wall is in my network.

I met the founder of when he was first starting his company.  I had a recruiting company and helped to hire a lot of his first employees.  The company eventually became a billion dollar company, and the founder bacame a multi-millionaire.  Whenever I’ve brought good business ideas to him, he would put up the money and help to develop the businesses.  He’s also in my network.

“I’m hot but I’m broke, put me on” is begging

“I’ve got a project with a budget that I want to work with you on.  We have $10,000 dollars for you upfront” is networking

“I’m gonna blow up one day and then you can take your cut” is begging

“I’ve sold 20,000 copies of my last 2 releases and have the soundscan numbers to prove it.  Let’s do our next project together and we’ll split the profits” is networking

“your beats are hot, let me bless one for free” is begging

“I would like to purchase beat 9 right now – let’s work out a price” is networking

“I wanna get signed” is begging

“I have deals on the table from Interscope and Def Jam.  I need to build up my buzz more so I can get a better deal.  Let’s work together and I’ll give you X% of the deal” is networking

Professionals network with other professionals.  Hobbiests network with other hobbiests.  If you make your living off your music – you’re a professional.  If you don’t earn your living off your music – you’re a hobbiest.   This is not my opinion – it’s the dictionary definition.

(Source: DJ Vlad @ Myspace)

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  1. Am loving this! More people need to see and digest it – pick up unno selves and pull your damn finger out, ain’t nothin handed to you on a plate nowadays, no one owes you a damn thing!

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