Hip-Hop co-founder DJ Kool Herc is issuing a call for supporters of the genre to help save the culture’s official birthplace, 1520 Sedgwick Avenue. AllHipHop.com has learned that Kool Herc’s clothing company Sedgwick & Cedar Corp will launch Save 1520, a charitable collection of tees, hats and jackets. One hundred percent of net proceeds from the sale of Save 1520 clothing will go toward helping the 1520 Sedgwick Tenant Association obtain governmental and philanthropic assistance to purchase the building, in addition to preserving the project and maintain affordable housing. “This is Hip-Hop’s original house and home to the people, ” said the Hip-Hop legend, who plans to appeal to major artists to make philanthropic donations to assist the tenants in purchasing the building. “We need to save it.” Continue Reading

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  1. Just want to thank Kool Herc for being a pinoeer of his time. Many believe that the Sugar Hill gang originated Hip-hop; they are the ones who were not raised in the trenches of NYC in the early 70s. I respect and admired Kool Herc but I do have a minor beef with him. I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. I served in Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq. I grew up at 1889 Sedgwick Avenue in the early 70s when Kool Herc DJed at Cedar Park. Cedar Park had many shoot-outs but when Kool Herc DJed, the soot-outs stooped because the Thugs respected Kool Herc. One evening between 1975 to 1977, I manage to by-pass the dividing rope between the audience and Kool Herc. I went to his DJ tables to meet him and he had his staff quickly escort me from him. I really wanted to meet him and I was only about 10 years old. I will never forget that disappointing moment. I wanted to be like him so much and he brushed me away. I underdtand why because he wanted control of the area but still, I just wanted to meet the man I admired. I am gald to see at 53 years old, he still has that hip-hop drive. I am 41 now and many of my young Soldiers do not believe my experiences from the Bronx NY.

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