She is seriously missing Timbaland…..

Your thoughts please……

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  1. but you study her past music
    and look at whats timbaland doing now
    you can see he was the one with the music ideas \ and she had the wicked voice stylings
    but she took a little more credit than she should have

  2. At first I wasn’t feeling it at all, but after a couple spins (and a much needed subwoofer) I definitely started feelin it. Timbaland’s production will probably be sprinkled about on the whole album, so I’m not gonna complain. And to be honest, Timbaland wasn’t responsible for EVERYTHING. They obviously did stuff TOGETHER. Do this for me, list all of Timbaland’s “weirdest” or “craziest” productions. I can guarantee that most of the songs on that list would be Missy Elliott songs. They work best together in my opinion, just like the Neptunes. Of course Timbaland got lucky and is working with two other amazing artists (Justin Timberlake and Danja)

  3. you know I read this and didnt get what you were talking about….i didnt realise the song they were playing other day was new! Oh it is drizzle…she needs to throw up a batman signal or a flare light..she needs him bad!

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