American Olympian Marion Jones has been sentenced to six months in prison for lying about steroid use and involvement in a drugs fraud case….Continue Reading

Shaking head…. what a waste…

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  1. maybe if she walked with bill cosby more!!
    maybe things would be different …
    its a shame!!

  2. Nah she deserves to have the book thrown at her. She was an icon for young girls who have a a dream and she has always been spoken highly of and she was a complete fraud. Drugs in sport is cheating…for every athlete that is frustrated by injyury or finances and work HARD the good old fashion day – bravo for them and people who take drugs to give them the advantage and get extra cash in sponsorship deserve to be stripped of everything -AND she DID lie to investigaters…i aint defending her. When your wrong your wrong!

  3. Shiela: This was not fair to Jones, however, Vick should get 6 months in a pit with mean dogs…..or life in prison. If you are mean to animals you certainly are not a good person to be around! I wonder what he will do to his children should have any.

    Jones has been stripped of her gold metals and now has 6 months to serve in prison. Every single professional athlete on these drugs should have the same thing happen to them….what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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