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Well it seems that once popular Hip Hop event ‘The Jump Off’ is now back where it started – in the UK.

A year and a half ago the organisers took the once weekly event Stateside (NY) after th event’s popularity here waned. However I got the impression that it was a huge success Stateside. But then all went quiet and now they are back in my city(London).


I’m confused……’Pillow Fight’ and Body Painting???

What do those ‘activities’ have to do with Hip Hop????

And don’t even get me started on the “booty shakin” contest buffoonery!

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  1. well !!!!
    at least they doing something!!
    how many clubnights are there out there!
    i know i know!!!
    but hey!!

  2. Quote – “at least they doing something!!” – what even if it some of it is not constructive. Booty shaking !!! I don’t see the relevance – bafoonery !!!! is the right word. The majority of kids are already messed up and lost. This is not the way forward at all.

    Look at the girl on the flyer with her bum in the air – What and idiot !!!when she is older and gets sense she will regret this – but then maybe not !!!.

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