Online Event: Black Organising in the UK: Caribbean homes as a space of Black joy and resistance

Since their first arrival in the UK in 1969, Guyanese-born activists and publishers Jessica and Eric Huntley worked tirelessly to create spaces of Black resistance. Their archive shows what life was like for Black communities in the 1960s, and also the ways in which the Huntleys trailblazed home-based sites of Black joy through music, culture, art, community organising and religion. 

This event brings together today’s cultural trailblazers to explore the often untold legacy of Black Homes as akin to community centres in the UK. The panel will explore the Caribbean home in the UK as a community museum, and look at ancestral links to the African continent, reflecting on the continuation of the collective community tradition and the oral storytelling tradition. Participants will listen to newly digitised audio archives of the Huntleys and their publishing house Bogle-L’Ouverture, to consider Black-centered and decolonised cultural production in the arts and literary scene. 

The event will take place online 7-8.30pm, 28th April 2021.

Registration for a free ticket here:

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