Sharon Osbourne: Karma is a BAD B*TCH!

TV personality Sharon Osbourne has left US chat show The Talk after a heated on-air debate about racism. Osbourne defended broadcaster and journalist Piers Morgan, over his public criticism of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markel.

During the debate co-host Sheryl Underwood, accused Osbourne of giving “validation to racist views”. TV network CBS later made the decision to take The Talk off air while it carried out an investigation.

In a statement on Friday (29 March), CBS said:

“Sharon Osbourne has decided to leave ‘The Talk’. Her behaviour toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode did not align with our values for a respectful workplace.”

However, CBS said it acknowledged the network, studio teams and producers were “accountable for what happened during that broadcast” because “it was clear the co-hosts were not properly prepared by the staff for a complex and sensitive discussion involving race”.

The universe used this situation to knock Sharon Osbourne down from off her pedestal.

Brixton girl Sharon was briefly introduced to the public, during an MTV Cribs episode in the early noughties. The episode featured her rock star husband Ozzy Osbourne and their children. Sharon wasn’t keen on appearing in the episode, so only appeared for a split second. Then not long after that, MTV gave the family their own reality show, The Osbournes, which went on to become a runaway success.

Sharon, who has been Ozzy’s manager for decades, became a huge star off the back of that show and later transformed her entire look, thanks to countless cosmetic procedures. I don’t know who her cosmetic surgeon was back then, but that surgeon was SKILLED!

The visual transformation, fame, praise and attention eventually went to her head. Even more so when the lucrative TV offers started rolling in.

Sharon’s behaviour has been problematic on and off screen for years. The woman is a bully! But the bullying and unprofessionalism have always been ignored because of her popularity.

[Watch from mark 3:42]

The unprofessionalism hit a record low in 2006, when Sharon was a judge on Celebrity X-Factor and bullied contestant Rebecca Loos in front of millions of viewers. Rebecca gained notoriety, after it was revealed she had an “alleged” affair with the former footballer David Beckham. She was vilified while golden boy Beckham was uplifted. Remember, he could do no wrong. Sharon, who was “good friends” with the Beckhams, decided that a live TV show was the perfect occasion to attack and embarrass Rebecca. I found her hatred towards this woman (who she did not know personally) interesting, considering Sharon herself embarked on an affair with Ozzy while he was still married to his first wife.

[Watch from mark 3:36]

The behaviour displayed during those live Celebrity X-Factor shows would not fly in this era. Social media (and women in particular) would have torn Sharon a new one. Judge and show creator Simon Cowell, would have been forced to issue an apology, and OFCOM would have been called in to investigate the matter, which would have eventually led up to Sharon being relieved of her judging duties.  

Today, many are probably saying, “this has been a long time coming”.

Karma really is a bad bitch!

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