Tea & Biscuits Podcast: Botox and Ginalism (Episode 109)

We remembered Whitney with a ropey ass rendition of one of her classics.

We questioned whether LL Cool J has botox, wondered if the Coronavirus is a conspiracy and decided dirty fingernails should not be allowed to be in the kitchen to cook!

We spoke briefly about Love Island, pondered over Philip Schofield’s announcement and compared it to Michael Barrymore’s ‘coming out’ years ago.

We were horrified at the fact that Gemma Collins made her assistant smell her ‘vagina fingers, reminisced on Justin Timberlake’s blatant disregard for Michael Jackson as one of his musical inspirations and much more….

As always, it’s juicy, it’s off key, it’s respectful and disrespectful all at the same time…

It’s a must listen basically!


For your fix of Black British humour and social commentary at its best, hit that play button and get involved.

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February 2020
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