Tea & Biscuits Podcast: Gimme Cake, No Coffee Breath! (Episode 107)

In this episode we remember those teachers that thought they were the sh*t because they got to eat sweets in the classroom and we didn’t plus the highlight of school dinners HAD to be the chocolate cake and chocolate custard – yummmmyyyy!

We discuss developing alcohol habits, oversharing on socials (again), Valentine’s Day and whether it’s worth buying into it.

The whole Meghan and Harry thing is discussed…of course and we talk about when Stormzy joined Ebro in the morning, the beef with Wiley and flying the flag for the UK, stateside.

We have decided we absolutely want a Mary J Blige biopic, whilst she is still alive because SHE IS QUEEN!

We cackle over the latest in the R Kelly BS with one of the last two girlfriends flying the coop leaving only one ‘faithful’ left.

We also touch on the love lives of Apryl Jones and Lori Harvey and why, despite them putting it about with arguably the wrong guys, they still shouldn’t be slut shamed!

As always, it’s juicy, it’s off key, it’s respectful and disrespectful all at the same time…

It’s a must listen basically!


For your fix of Black British humour and social commentary at its best, hit that play button and get involved.

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