UK Event: Women Of The Lens Festival Returns; 15th and 16th December 2018


With another packed programme showcasing the creativity of UK Black women filmmakers, Women Of The Lens returns with live film screenings at Close Up Film Centre, 97 Sclater Street, London E1 6HR on the 15th and  16th December 2018.

With productions ranging in stories from animation to tradition, Women Of The Lens will screen 46 films curated into nine Themes. They are Voice To Our Humanity, Breaking Bonds, Mamma, We Love You, Precious Endurance Of Culture & Tradition, Song And Dance, Little Girl, Love Letters To Herself, Colour Her In and The Body Positive. The films come in shorts, features, documentaries, comedy, dramas and everything else in-between. The films bring a multiplicity of stories showing that British black women are not mono-faceted and exist within different versions of their own lives. 

As well as strong British productions there’re films from countries to include Belgium, South Africa, the Philippines, India and Iran – and we’ll have UK premieres too. 

To satisfy our industry professionals, we’ll be curating panel discussions that give exclusive insight into the industry, but you don’t have to work in the industry to enjoy these intimate conversations. As an audience member, you’ll receive an opportunity to get an exciting behind-the-scenes look into filmmaking. 

About Women Of The Lens Festival

Women Of The Lens is a live festival of film, broadcast and digital programming. It was created to celebrate and highlight the achievements of Black British women in the UK creative film industries. Founded by Jenifer G. Robinson, Women Of The Lens will be specifically British in its sources with an inclusion of productions from international regions. 

It was created because the representation of black women in the UK film industries remains stubbornly low. It was created to highlight the complexity, diversity and multiplicities of black women, which is ordinarily overlooked in the conventional media-sphere. Whilst our stories are by and for black women, we sincerely welcome allied women – and men, who will support the ethos and spirit of Women Of The Lens through their own work. 

JGR (2)

Founder, Director Jennifer G. Robinson says; 

“I am really taken aback about the reception of the Festival since its inception last year; it has all been so positive. It really just highlights to me the necessity of what the Festival provides; a platform for voices which are not celebrated as they should be, opportunity to share knowledge and exchange ideas about forming stronger foundations which lead to more black women working in the industry. People have said they wanted different images to look at on screen. Some of that difference is here at Women Of The Lens. All people need to do is show that they’re more than just about talking difference.”

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