Donor Campaigner May Brown Dies


May Brown

May Brown who was battling Acute Myeloid Leukaemia has passed away.

May (24)  received national news coverage last year after the Home Office rejected her sister (and donor) Martha’s visa application. Martha who lives in Nigeria had her visa request refused because the Home Office thought she would try to stay in the UK.

The decision was later overturned when leading blood cancer charity, ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust), launched an appeal in October 2016 for the Home Office to review their decision due to the compassionate and exceptional circumstances regarding May Brown’s case.  Consultants had previously confirmed May’s only chance of survival was to receive a stem cell transplant from a donor with a matching tissue type as hers. Martha had been identified as a 10 out of 10 match for her sister in early 2016.

The transplant was deemed a success in March but May sadly died on Friday (July 14) following a relapse.

Her husband Mike Brown said in a statement:

“May will forever be remembered in our hearts. She was a strong, beautiful, supportive, wonderful wife and mother. Selina and I will truly miss her.

“May was incredibly grateful to the support given to her from ACLT, and I echo those words on behalf of me and our daughter Selina.

“May will forever remain in our hearts.”

Beverley De-Gale, co-founder of ACLT, said:

“In the 18 months I’ve known her, I can say May was a remarkable woman who fought hard to beat this terrible illness.

“Every member of the ACLT team is extremely saddened by her passing. Our thoughts are with her husband Mike, three-year-old daughter Selina and May’s sister Martha.”

Rest In Peace May Brown.


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