CurlyTreats Festival (UK’s Natural Hair, Beauty & Wellness Event)

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For so long, Black people have experienced discrimination because of the colour of their skin and texture of their natural hair. Although, the standard of beauty is becoming diverse, the gap is still wide apart – progress is slow.

Afro-textured hair is still perceived as political – Young people around the world are still being told that natural hair is unacceptable for school, many women still wear a weave or wig to work because natural afro hair is seen as “unprofessional’, and  banning men from wearing their hair in locs is not considered racial discrimination – all recent news.

However, many Black people refuse to conform to mainstream society’s views of what is right. Phrases such as “Black Girl Magic, Black Girls Rock and Black Boy Joy” are used both online and offline to take back ownership and shape the narrative of Black Beauty.


Event Director Vinna Best

After 4 years of delivering the UK’s leading natural hair event, the team, headed up by Event Director Vinna Best will continue to celebrate and provide the creative platform for the celebration of natural afro hair, empowerment and wellness.

CurlyTreats Festival  will take place on Saturday 5 August 2017 at the ILEC Conference Centre Earl’s Court, London.

“CurlyTreats  is continually looking for ways to enhance our visitors experience, to provide greater value for those who love to attend Natural Hair Week (now CurlyTreats Festival). CurlyTreats Festival is a fantastic day and was created for our visitors who enjoy natural hair and beauty and look to us for additional benefits such as beauty sessions, product offers, expert recommendations and feedback on your natural hair and wellness journey. This year’s CurlyTreats Festival (Formerly Natural Hair Week) will take place in London only. With the additional natural  wellness branch of our event offers more presentations, workshops, exhibitors and networking opportunities to make feeling great easier.” – Founder and Event Director Vinna Best.


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