Microbiologist Turned Make Up Artist Launches Make Up Brand For Women of Colour in The UK



Omolara Tayo-Sobajo


Omolara Tayo-Sobajo holds a degree in Microbiology and an MBA, educational attainment is second nature to her. However beauty and make up are her true calling, and after 8 years of working as a freelance make- up artist she has seen the shortcomings of many major makeup brands on the high street. 

As a passionate advocate for ‘many shades of beauty’, Omolara feels that mainstream makeup brands are still not formulated with women of colour in mind despite countless campaigns from Women of Colour to change this. It was with this knowledge and her passion for makeup that led her to launch the MoMineral MakeUp line with her husband, Tayo Sobajo, in 2015.


Only a few makeup brands produced limited shades of foundation for dark skin and the available brands will either leave the skin looking too grey or too “ashy” and dry.  In addition to this, the composition of some makeup products available on the market are not always healthy for melanin-rich skin.

“MoMineral Makeup was created to provide African and Caribbean women with more choice when it comes to makeup products and our products are formulated from natural ingredients.” – Omolara Tayo Sobajo.

MoMineral Makeup is highly aware of the complex diversity of overtones and undertones caused by the rich melanin pigment in dark skins resulting in many shade variations. The company prides itself on giving women of colour more make up choices, particularly women with darker skin tones.

MoMineral products are formulated and manufactured in the United Kingdom, regulated and certified by the highest cosmetics standard in order to provide the dark skin with makeup products with skin healthy benefits.

Visit: www.momineralmakeup.co.uk


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