UK News: Award-Winning Accountancy Firm The Tax Guys Launches Tax Return App



Easy Tax Return is a new smart app that connects you to fast, reliable and risk free tax return preparation, helping you find peace. 

Award-winning accountancy firm – The Tax Guys has launched the app through their sister company Easy Tax Returns. Easy Tax Returns is a smart app that connects you to a fast, reliable and risk-free tax return preparation, helping you find peace. Doing your return via the app is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You simply tick some boxes, the app calculates and confirms your fee, and you handover all your information. Your tax pro then goes to work on your return and claim all eligible tax allowances for you. You can check progress on your return and even approve it via the app.

Jonathan Amponsah, co-founder of the App and CEO of The Tax Guys, said: 

“Figures from HMRC suggest that every year, around 900,000 people automatically face a £100 fine for filing their taxes late. It gets even worse when these returns are left late for months. This is a whopping £89m that can be put back into the household. Doing a tax return is not something we look forward to and it can be a daunting experience. In fact some might say that going to the accountants can sometimes feel like a trip to the dentist whilst trying to fill out the forms on HMRC website can reduce many to tears. Plus tax payers don’t have the time. We live in the digital economy where we just want to tap an app and go. So we decided to create an app to help with the tax return blues. The app works well if you have all your records in one place to upload although for the odd receipt or P60, you snap a photo of it through the app. We don’t like to see our clients pay unnecessary penalties, so we have a double penalty guarantee through the app. Penalties for late fines and penalties for incorrect returns so long as we receive the records on time and we have accurate records”.

Benefits of using the app

  • Easy and quick to use. The whole process can be completed in under 10 minutes.
  • No more trips to the accountant. 
  • No more precious time spent on the HMRC site trying to figure out what to put in the boxes.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your return is being handled by a qualified accountant.
  • The App removes the risk of you getting £1,500 penalty from HMRC.
  • In built guarantee to defend you against tax enquiries for FREE.
  • Free to download and register for tax reference number but the service fee range from £199 to £399 (no vat to pay) depending on the complexity.
  •  Completely secure app – all transactions between the app and the user are authenticated using encrypted token.
  • Secured payment gateway using Worldpay platform.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • You can start your return on your commute, check for progress whilst having a coffee and approve it from your couch
  • You get instant notifications when there’s a new message from your tax pro or when the return is ready to view. No more having to phone or email and chase an accountant.
  • There’s a guaranteed 7 day turnaround time. No more having to wait weeks and months to hear from your accountant
  • Your records stay with you. You can view what you’ve sent and avoid the risk of missing records.
  • Instant access to your completed tax return. No need to chase or having to remember where you saved the last return.
  • The app is the first of its kind in the UK available on both iOS and Android so smartphone users can access all the above benefits.

Download the app HERE

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