UK Event: “I’m Fine”- Workshop And Discussion Hosted By Lisa Bent


Lisa Bent

“How are you?

–   “I’m Fine”

How many times have you said this to others when you were far from fine?

“I’m fine” for many is a statement that masks how they really feel. Stigma, shame, cultural beliefs and unawareness, are all potential reasons as to why some people choose to not reveal what is really go on.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 people are likely to suffer from a Mental Health issue within a given year, I personally think it is more than this because Mental Health is life.

 Whether you have;

–    broken up with your partner

–    are struggling to make ends meet

–    have been made redundant

–    starting a new school

–    going through puberty

–    grieving or

–    relocating

the changes can have a negative impact on mood and behaviour. Many people feel alone and depressed and hundreds, if not thousands more also feel the same for different reasons.

The aim of this workshop is to have an open discussion around the saying “I’m fine”, when you know or feel that you are not.

 We will look at;

–    what do you REALLY want to say when you say I’m fine?

–    what are the barriers around talking to someone?

–    what do you need to do for better self-care?

–    the importance of having a centered self.

I hope you leave feeling able to;

–    be honest with yourself in regards to how you feel

–    ask for help, look for resources if you need to

–    explore what you need to do for greater self-care

–    understand the importance of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love

–    continue to explore how you feel and where you are at.

Everyone is welcome. The conversation around Mental Health needs to remain insight and voices heard, even if it shakes, to shatter stigma and silence.


This is a ticketed event of which the majority of money from ticket sales will go to The Deborah Ubee Trust.

Doors open: 6:30pm

Network and Mingle

Workshop & Discussion:7:15pm – 8:30pm

Network and Mingle

Ends: 9:00pm

Light bites and refreshments will be provided.

Please bring a note pad and pen.

I hope to see you there x


Lisa Bent 

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