UK News: Black Lives Matter UK Activists Walk Free From Court After City Airport Protest

Protesters: Sam Lund-Harket and organic farmer William Pettifer, Film student Esme Waldron, Sama Baka, who lives on a houseboat, and actor Richard Collett-White and Activist Alex Etchart (photo credit Kerry Davies/Daily Mail)

Protesters: Sam Lund-Harket and organic farmer William Pettifer, Film student Esme Waldron, Activist Alex Etchart, Sama Baka, who lives on a houseboat and actor Richard Collett-White  (photo credit Kerry Davies/Daily Mail)

All I can do is howl with laughter.  This entire debacle still confuses me. 

Via The Evening Standard

Nine Black Lives Matter activists who staged a controversial protest on the runway at City Airport walked free from court today with conditional discharges.

Around 9,000 passengers suffered disruption when the protest group evaded security at the east London airport at around 5.30am last Tuesday. 

The activists donned wetsuits and used inflatable boats to cross the river and get on to airport land, then chained themselves to a large bamboo tripod for the five hour sit-in.  

Westminster magistrates court heard 131 flights were delayed or cancelled as the protest chanted about the Black Lives Matter cause and climate change, filming themselves and streaming the footage online. 

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BLM UK issued the following statement:

On the day of the City Airport protest there was confusion worldwide. This was apparently Black Lives Matter UK but NOT ONE BLACK PERSON was in attendance protesting.

Was this really BLM UK? Had the movement been hijacked?

Also the rumour on the Black Twitter UK streets is that BLM UK isn’t actually a black run operation. I can actually believe that rumour (Haha).

Who is really leading the Black Lives Matter UK movement? I want names and photographs.  

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