UK News: Businesswoman Disrupting The Black Hair Industry Set To Open Second Black-Owned Store

Xsandy's owner Sandra Brown-Pinnock

Xsandy’s owner Sandra Brown-Pinnock

Months after launching her hair and beauty shop Xsandy’s, Sandra Brown-Pinnock was told by one competitor that they were going to “crush her” and that her business “wouldn’t exist in a matter of months”.

A year later Sandra has proved the greedy, hateful, cretins wrong!

It’s a widely known fact that despite Black women spending four times more on hair care than any other ethnic group, an overwhelming majority of Afro hair and beauty suppliers are not owned by Black people. Sandra Brown-Pinnock, owner of Xsandy’s (the only black-owned hair and beauty store in South East London) is on a mission to disrupt this disparity.

A forensic psychiatric nurse-turned businesswoman, Brown-Pinnock entered the lucrative industry (worth an estimated $700m) manufacturing a successful line of hair extensions. After a string of negative experiences with high street beauty supply stores (one which forced her to take legal action), the intense frustration resulting from persistent poor customer service, lack of product knowledge and ‘outright disrespect’, provoked the ambitious mother of two to challenge the status quo.

This month (June) marks a double celebration for the businesswoman with the first year anniversary of Xsandy’s in Lewisham and opening her second store in Peckham (Rye Lane), something she credits to the support of the Black community.

“I decided to share my vision of empowering the Black community by urging them to help to reclaim control of an industry that we dominate…and the video went viral. Since then customers have been coming far and wide to support Xsandy’s – something I’m so grateful for. It’s encouraging to see us proving that we can come together and support Black businesses.

Recalling the frustration as a customer herself, Brown-Pinnock manages to build and maintain the loyalty of her customers by investing in staff enabling them to deliver great customer service with the advantage of experience and product knowledge. Equally important to her vision is the desire to see other Black-owned hair and beauty supply shops enter the market.

Committed to assisting other entrepreneurs within the community, the ambitious shop owner stocks many independent product lines including Mahogany Curls, Shea Decadence and Shear and Shine.


Congratulations Sandra.

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  1. Good for her. Black haircare is a very lucrative business both here and over the pond. Blacks should be in the forefront of ownership as we understand the uniqueness of our hair. The vast majority of black hair and beauty shops treat all customers as potential criminals and with blatant disrespect.

  2. Fab concept! Just one note of caution..please continue to train staff..last time i was there, i asked for an item and got what i call the “there” response, ponting unsmilingly in some direction but no moving. I would like your Customer service to excel and look forward to change on my next visit

  3. At long last. Congratulations to you. May your business grow from strength to strength. Diminish the haters. All the best.

  4. Xsandy’s you are a credit to our people. Keep on sharing your experience to encourage others to take the leap of faith. You are a blessed soul and may you continue to grow in grace. Shea-Me

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