London Born Ghanaian Entrepreneur Launches World’s First Global African-Owned Stationery Company


Christopher Osei – Frimpong grew up in South London, UK, and as a proud member of the Ghanaian diaspora, Chris has always had a keen interest in conducting business in Africa. After visiting Ghana in 2014, Chris embraced the culture and core values of Ghanaians and Africans as a whole in the world of business and enterprise. He had an “Aha Moment” during his visit that would change his life which led him to start up a stationery business called A4Africa, which stands for “Africans for Africa”.  

A4africa was founded in March 2015 ‘to create lasting products and services– that honour and empower Africans.’ The aim of A4Africa is to supply African and global markets with quality products that are cost effective and reflect the immense possibilities that the continent has to offer.

Christopher says,

“Our concept of designing an A4 paper brand that is quality and cost effective is to meet the increasing need for A4 paper within Africa. A4Africa was established with the intention of increasing both educational and entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa – and with providing vision and leadership to the areas that need it most.”

A4Africa is also passionate about corporate social responsibility and will support children to go to school in Ghana during summer holidays with the project ‘Camp Africa’. Camp Africa project volunteers will work closely with Ghanaian children; honouring Ghanaian culture as well as teaching various subjects including leadership and Entrepreneurship. Camp Africa will provide the opportunity for diaspora from all over the globe to connect, the importance of encouraging volunteers of African heritage is in order for the children to be inspired by people who have a true likeness to themselves so we aim to have 10 volunteers of African descent in 2016. In 2016 we also aim to support 100 children with enrollment in to schools.

Congratulations Christopher.

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