UK Event: A Day Of Radical Selfcare And Conversation About Mental Wellbeing In The Black Community

Radical Selfcare BB Flyer

After the success of Black Blossoms 2015 which discussed Black Feminism in the UK with over 100 guests in attendance, Black Blossoms is back. Black Blossoms 2016 will be will be delving deeper into issues which affect the Black Community, specifically paying attention to Black Women.  The event on the April 23rd will be ‘Radical Selfcare and a Conversation on Mental Wellbeing in the Black Community.’

The triggering point for this event comes from an emotional moment shared by Black Blossoms 2015 attendee, Natalie Cater, who shared how the working environment made her feel as if she wasn’t human. Many of the other attendees resonated and agreed Black Women have to deal with multiple forms of oppression, sexism, racism and sometimes classism not just only in the workplace but in society as a whole. Furthermore, Anni Furgeson highlighted some triggering statistics on mental health for Black Women in the UK.

This led, founder of Black Blossoms Bee Tajudeen to ask why are we being silent about Mental Wellbeing in the Black Community stating,

I don’t know if it is a generational or cultural issue, but the stereotype of the ‘Strong Black Women’ has been incredibly damaging.  I can’t keep silence whilst my sisters suffer in pain especially if it is rooted in societies systematic oppression.”

Black Blossoms 2016 will centre the voices of Black Women on the topic of Mental Health and Wellbeing and there will be a range of radical selfcare workshops for Women to attend as a taster of a holistic approaches which Black Women can help deal with stress, depression and anxiety in there every day lives, whilst also focusing on the importance of seeking professional help if needed.

Early bird tickets are £3.50 and standard tickets £5.00 excluding booking fee, lunch and childcare will be provided on the day and more information can be found on the Black Blossoms Website:

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