BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ’s Seani B And DJ Ace Cancel Nightclub Appearance Over Racism Allegations

Seani B & DJ Ace

Seani B & DJ Ace

Last week it was reported that Cameo nightclub in Bournemouth had allegedly refused to let a pre-booked group of black men through the door.

The 11 men, all in their twenties from London had paid £750 upfront to celebrate a reunion and had liaised with the club beforehand. On arrival personal trainer Leonard Lionel and his childhood friends were told by a doorman that they were not letting in large groups. However, one of the men filmed a large group of white men being let in 10 minutes later.

The club spokeswoman refused to give a reason why the group was denied entry.  She said: “We reserve the right to refuse entry for various reasons, but race is never one of them.”

The club later went on to say that they “fully refunded the group”.

Oh dear.

Personal trainer Leonard Lionel said the group felt discriminated against

Personal trainer Leonard Lionel said the group felt discriminated against

Due to the racism allegations, BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ’s Seani B and DJ Ace have announced that they have cancelled a joint appearance at the club booked for New Years Eve.

DJ Ace posted the following on his Facebook page.

Seani B & DJ Ace – Cameo Nightclub, Bournemouth – 31st December 2015

There has been wide spread reporting of an incident which occurred at Cameo Nightclub in Bournemouth earlier this month which saw a group of young black men being refused entry into the club despite pre-booking and the situation being compounded by a similar group of young white men being allowed in under what seems to be near identical circumstances.

Unfortunately the club were unable to provide any reasoning for their entry refusal for the group of black men, citing their “reservation of rights” to refuse any potential clientele into their establishment.

This comes soon after another high profile refusal of a group of young black club goers in London recently.

The Playmaker Group’s DJ’s Seani B & DJ Ace were scheduled to appear at Cameo Nightclub on New Years Eve as part of their annual celebration. Both DJ’s are award-winning radio DJ’s who host weekly shows on BBC Radio 1Xtra to a large and significant audience and the duo have taken the decision that due to the nature of the events at Cameo they feel unable on principle to commit to this booking. The pair have released the following comment.

“As two black men who have active careers in a high profile arena, we believe we need to act upon our beliefs. It is impossible to ignore these seemingly growing number of cases which are seeing the backbone of the music we love – the audience, and in particular young black audiences – being denied the opportunity to enjoy it as other members of the audience.”

“With that in mind we do not feel we can put our name to an event at a venue where – had we have been audience members – we may not have been welcomed. Celebrating our culture with those who help to bring it to life is very important to us, particularly in clubland, and selective door policies based on race does nothing to enhance that culture. It is with this in mind that we have decided not to appear at Cameo in Bournemouth on New Years Eve 2015. We wish all club goers of all races a very Happy and safe New Years raving.

These London based men paid £750.00 (upfront) to sit down in a nightclub in Bournemouth. Let’s just stop and think about that for a second.

We need to stop giving silly amounts of money to establishments that do not want our custom.  

But I digress…

Salute DJ Ace and Seani B. Continue to stand tall and strong. 

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  1. Well done to both of them but i will be intrested to see what high profile DJ’s take their place (regardless of the race).

    And this “no comment” act must really work for these nightclubs after these situations happen and reporters are on there door even in these social media times. never knew PR was that easy.

    yes, and £750 for a club in Bournemouth…its either him and his mates grew up in Bournemouth and love it or the woman in Bournemouth must be very easy….no ofense to the Bournemouth massive…

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