UK News: Children’s Book Encouraging Young Black Girls To Love Their Hair Sells Out Day After Launch

love thy fro

A children’s book encouraging young black girls (5-8 year olds) to love and embrace their natural hair, has sold out a day after it was launched at The Children’s Library in Deptford (London) last week.  

Love Thy Fro is about a young girl named Kemi who absolutely loves her beautiful, big, curly afro hair. 

The book’s author Casey Elisha told The Voice:

“When I found out the amount of books that had been sold at the event, I was completely shocked. I didn’t think that would happen.

“I thought the book would take a little while for people to learn about it and be sold on the idea. I believed in the book, but I didn’t realise that everyone would believe in it so much as well. Especially not instantly.”

Love Thy Fro author Casey Elisha

Love Thy Fro author Casey Elisha

The Lewisham-born author continued:

“I’ve always wanted to get to a point where I could use some of my experiences to help uplift and inspire others and Love Thy Fro turned out to be a great opportunity to do that. The struggle around hair is something that pretty much all little girls of colour can relate to, and it’s something I’ve had personal struggles with, so I thought that this would be a good topic to start with.

“I wanted to put together something really simple that would help to promote the unique beauty that lies in our hair while showing girls that their beauty is something to be embraced.”

Congratulations Casey.

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