Black British Business Woman Turns Love Of Designer Handbags In To Successful Online Business

Entrepreneur Pauline Wellington

Entrepreneur Pauline Wellington

Entrepreneur Pauline Wellington has turned her love for designer handbags in to a thriving online business. In 2013 Pauline from New Cross, south east London launched, which offers women the opportunity to RENT designer handbags.

In an interview with the The Daily Mirror Pauline said:

“I was 26 when I’d bought my first designer bag, a small brown suede tote bag from Prada.

“I was entranced by the stitching and tiny details and right then and there – I knew I was hooked.

“I’d save up and buy bag after bag to the point that my sister Lisa and mum would complain every time I turned up to visit them with my latest purchase on my arm.

“‘Did you really need that?’ they would both say to me.

“But ‘need’ is exactly what it was.

“Nothing else compared to my love of bags, not even relationships at some points.

“‘You love Tom Ford more than me,’ some would say.

“I couldn’t help but think they had a point.

“My beautiful bags never let me down, and always made me feel special.

“I wished every woman could feel the same way.”

After a while, Pauline realised she owned far too many bags and decided to sell some, but was “devastated” as soon as she sent them to the buyers.

She added: “Then it hit me, why not just LOAN my bags out?

“It seemed like such an obvious way to go.


She then decided to launch where members pay to sign up and then rent handbags for a small charge. Users can also sign up to be either a renter or a seller. The rent charge is £27.50 per week for handbags that retail between £100 to £1,000 and £49.50 for handbags with a purchase price of £3,001 or higher.


Congratulations Pauline.

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