UK News: Teacher Wrongly Accused Of Spraying Racist Graffiti Speaks Out

Thomas Turnham

Thomas Turnham

When trial by social media FLOPS!

Via The Evening Standard

A primary school teacher who received death threats after being falsely accused on Twitter of daubing racist graffiti on the wall of a London bar today said his life had been “ripped apart”.

Thomas Turnham was left fearing for his life after being wrongly linked to a racial insult spray-painted on to a jazz bar near his south London home. Staff at the bar contacted police after spotting the words “No niggers” daubed on a wall near its forecourt.

News of the shocking incident spread quickly on social media, with some users falsely naming Mr Turnham, a teacher at Dulwich Hamlet Junior School, as the racist vandal.

Mr Turnham first realised he was being targeted when he received a tweet accusing him of being responsible for the graffiti attack on Dee Dee’s bar in Herne Hill. That was followed by an avalanche of abusive tweets from around the globe.

One of the messages he received read: “You are a disgusting racist we found you RIP …” and the online abuser tagged a picture of his flat.

But Mr Turnham, who lives above the bar, vehemently denied the allegations and has been cleared of any wrongdoing by police. Continue Reading….

When I first came across a post on Facebook accusing Thomas Turnham of this crime I was shocked, because there wasn’t a shred of evidence to suggest Turnham was guilty of any wrongdoing.

Turnham who had not been arrested or charged by the police, was found guilty via social media based off hearsay. His name, place of work and home address were posted on various social media platforms and a petition was launched calling for his employer to sack him. 

I said at the time that the individual/s behind the post and petition better be pointing the finger at the right man or prepare to lawyer up. But no, they were pointing the finger at the WRONG man (just like I thought) and could now be facing a lawsuit.  

Perhaps having a basic understanding of our libel laws might have stopped them from rushing to defame an innocent man.

What a mess.


Let’s just hope that the police find the culprit responsible for transporting us black folk back to the good old days, when racist graffiti was the lick! 

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  1. 5 minutes from where I live last year, someone spray painted ”fuck niggers” on the wall in a small alley way and ”black cunts” on the other side. The racist graffiti was removed for only the person to come back a spray paint it back on. This happened on Brixton Hill. Racism is alive and well folks and it’s closer to home than most realise. I would imagine these racist cowards who do these things leave their houses 4am in the morning just so they won’t get found out. I’d would honestly pay good money to get my hands on one of these individuals. Their own mothers won’t recognise them by the time I would be done with one of them.

  2. Hi Chris. Racism is indeed alive and well in all areas but this case is different in that the graffiti was sprayed by malicious individuals with the sole purpose of framing an innocent man. There are a few people still trying to give the impression that this is not the case and that it was, in fact, a genuine racist incident, when a simple examination of the whole case, the way in which the teacher’s name was connected with it, the people who reported it and a general timeline of events easily shows that it is anything but. I suppose that one reason for this is that for some people, it’s almost impossible to accept that anyone would stoop this low and it’s very uncomfortable to imagine that people who purport to be combatting racism would use this as a tactic to ruin the career of a blameless individual. This is, however, the cruel, real world where the cruellest of things can happen. Of course, no one just spotting this could possibly know the real origin of the deeply offensive words and the reaction of the local community to what they perceived to be a racist attack was wonderful and sign of how far we’ve come.

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