Singer Ed Sheeran Reveals Why He’s Stayed Away From The MOBO Awards

In a new interview with The Breakfast Club, singer Ed Sheeran responds to those who accuse him and Sam Smith of stealing “black people’s sound” and reveals why he has stayed away from the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards.

What do you think about people who say white guys like yourself and Sam Smith are stealing black people’s sound?

I think we’re embracing it. Its something that should be celebrated. I never don’t give credit where it’s due. I’m very open of who influences me, what albums I’m listening to, I take people on tour. I don’t think it’s necessarily a theft thing, I think it’s a celebration of music. I think if you do it correctly and respectfully no one can really knock you.

Don’t you think its kind of hypocritical when you have black singers say ‘you shouldn’t do this kind of music because your white’.

I’ve never heard anyone say that to me. I got nominated for a Music of Black Origin (MOBO) award in England – three times in a row and didn’t turn up for that very reason, because I feel like it should go to someone a bit more deserving than me.

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Over to you Kanya!

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  1. MOBO and co are corporate cashcows for an once a year sponsorship check that covers CSR.
    They have admitted to not being just about music and now want to give their useless awards to fashion designers; MP; teachers; business leaders and actors etc; they are music star gazing awards that exploit artist merit.
    NB The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gives artist $250;000 per year; yet with MOBO nothing
    The UK music industry is not fit for purpose it is a nervous corrupt out of touch corporate circus that need to be put out of service…….

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