UK Web Show: Not For The Radio Interviews Mike GLC


Head ‘black man in crisis’ Mike GLC joins the crew in the studio to discuss his ill-fated “friendship” with Tulisa Contostavlos , the XFactor machine, his ‘sex tape’ and much more.

When is Mike going to accept responsibility for his own actions and choices? When that stupid gyal asked him to sell Class A drugs to an undercover reporter, 30-something Mike should have foreseen how this was likely to go down if something was to go wrong (which it did!).  At that point his ‘I’m a black man’ spidey senses should have kicked in and the reply should have been “NO”. What happened next could have been avoided had he just said “NO”, but instead all he could see was more money, more opportunity via Tulisa’s celebrity and Hollywood.

And why does Mike believe that he is some sort of a UK Hip Hop pioneer? Am I missing something here???

Whenever I watch a Mike GLC interview, there is always this feeling of confusion.

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  1. Got to say that was a decent interview. I think the bits he did talk about his upbringing and his parents (i am sure there is more to it) kind of makes sense to why he acts the way he does and makes certain decisions. Shame really.

  2. It is sad that he was put in to care and I get the feeling that there was a lot going on in his childhood, that no child should have to go through. But at some point as a grown man you have to start taking responsibility for your own actions and choices. Running around with that fool girl and then agreeing to sling dirt for her almost took away his freedom. That was his fault. Stop blaming others. Why did he believe for a second that Tulisa and her people would stand by him? I guess you live and you learn.

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