Jay Z Defends Tidal Music Streaming Service


Over the weekend music mogul Shawn Carter aka Jay Z, jumped on Twitter and defended his latest acquisition Tidal.

For those of you who missed last month’s eye brow raising press conference regarding Tidal, click here to read all about it. 

Since the announcement it has been reported that Tidal is a sinking ship.

Quartz reports:

Tidal, which was engulfed in a wave of negative publicity last week, barely a month after a high-profile re-launch involving the rapper and many of his celebrity friends.  Over the past few weeks, Tidal has shed jobs, including that of its former CEO, and plummeted in the rankings in Apple’s app store, to languish behind less heralded rivals in the music category like Rdio. At the same time, existing streaming music apps like Spotify and Pandora had actually experienced a spike in interest.

The backlash finally got under the skin of old man Carter, so he ordered his assistant to tweet the following:

You know a man is truly rattled when he starts to utilise his Twitter account again, after a 2 year absence.

The press conference announcing his new venture just rubbed people up the wrong way. Multimillionaires stood on stage with smug expressions on their faces, believing that their celebrity would convince a generation who haven’t purchased music since the year 2000, to suddenly subscribe and purchase music from Tidal.

Then came the ridiculous scene where each artist signed a declaration of some sorts and Madonna cocking up her foot like a dog that’s about to take a piss didn’t help either.

Instead of that nonsense, Carter along with a Tidal representative should have walked out and announced the news in a low-key, sensible fashion. Why post the above information about the service a month later via Twitter? There should have been less focus on celebrity/razzmatazz and more focus on providing us with INFORMATION at the press conference. 

However, to be fair it is still very early days for the service but Carter really needs to rethink his marketing strategy if he wants Tidal to succeed.

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