Roger Moore Denies ‘Racist’ James Bond Comments About Idris Elba

Roger Moore and Idris Elba

Roger Moore and Idris Elba

Via The Independent

Veteran James Bond star Sir Roger Moore has denied that he made racist remarks directed at actor Idris Elba about taking on the role of the famous spy.

In an interview with the French magazine Paris Match, he was quoted as saying, “A few years ago, I said that Cuba Gooding Jnr would make an excellent Bond, but it was a joke!”

He continued, “Although James may have been played by a Scot, a Welshman and an Irishman, I think he should be “English-English,” adding, “Nevertheless, it’s an interesting idea, but unrealistic.”Continue Reading…. 

I have never been a fan of the Bond movies and never had any interest in the fictional character of James Bond. Who has been bawling out for a black man to play Bond? I know I haven’t. I couldn’t care less.

As for Moore’s comment that Bond should be “English-English” and later tweeting, ‘an interview I gave to Paris Match implies I said something racist about Idris Elba. That is simply untrue. #Lost in translation’  look just be honest Roger and admit that you think the character should remain English and white. 

The conversation about Idris playing Bond seemed to start after damaging emails over at Sony Pictures headquarters were leaked. Amongst all the badmouthing and racism, an email suggesting that East London born and raised Idris should become the next James Bond “suddenly” appeared and was cleverly used to distract the masses. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that Sony studio executives aren’t really that serious about hiring Idris to play the next Bond. 

Anyway, many have jumped to Rogers defence including actor Sanjeev Bhaskar who tweeted:

I love how Sanjeev brings up Roger’s work with UNICEF. I am waiting for his next tweet that says Roger has black and Asian friends too.

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  1. I don’t see what was racist in anything he was quoted as saying. I’m Black and I think James Bond should be played by a White actor, be it a White Irishman or a White scot. I think the idea of a Black James Bond is ridiculous. Why not a Black Harry Potter or even a female James Bond? I read the other day that Idris Elba has no intention of playing James Bond anyway.

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