Channel 4 Presenter Cathy Newman Lies About Mosque Visit, Then Claims It Was A “Misunderstanding”

Old Liar: Cathy Newman: tweeted on that she was ‘ushered out of the door’ of the South London Islamic Centre in Streatham. PR Photograph:

Old Liar: Cathy Newman: tweeted on that she was ‘ushered out of the door’ of the South London Islamic Centre in Streatham. PR Photograph:

When I first read news presenter Cathy Newman’s tweets regarding the The South London Islamic Centre, I knew the witch was lying.

For those who missed this story here is a brief rundown of what happened.

Last week, Newman claimed that she had been turned away from The South London Islamic Centre despite being dressed appropriately. This poor excuse for a journalist sparked a social media firestorm after tweeting she had been “ushered onto the street” during ‘Visit My Mosque Day’, implying that unfriendly attitudes towards women were behind her expulsion. This resulted in the mosque receiving threatening voice messages and online abuse, which have been reported to police.

Watch the sequence of events below.

After surveillance camera footage was released (which tells a different story), Newman backtracked and issued the following statement:

“As the primary purpose of Visit My Mosque day was to increase understanding of Islam, I was horrified to hear the mosque I visited in error has had death threats. I’m sorry for any misunderstanding there has been. I would be happy to pay a private visit to South London Islamic Centre once again.”

The South London Islamic Centre chair of trustees Mohammed, Aslam Ijaz said:

“On the video, when the man is trying to direct her he thought she was asking for church. I can’t confirm if it was for church or for the Hyderi Centre. But we think he thought she mistakenly said church or the man took what she said wrongly. He is pointing his arm towards the church beside here.

If she comes with an appointment we’d love her” to visit the centre: “I would like to extend this invitation to her if she would like to contact me.”

Wake up and open your eyes Mohammed, Aslam Ijaz, lose the apologetic tone (you have done nothing wrong) and rescind your invitation . These mainstream media hacks are not your friends. 

Cathy’s sole purpose  was to stir up anti-Muslim hate by spreading lies. For that Channel 4 should either suspend or fire her backside.

This is a good example of the type of game the media likes to play when they want to stir up fear, hatred and unrest.

An online petition has now been set up, calling for Channel 4 News to fire Cathy.

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  1. Cathy Newman, the once Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News who was suddenly promoted to the main presenter of it’s nightly bulletins.
    She is just a puppet for the Media (Economic Royalists) and has been a ‘good little girl’ and obeyed her masters in trying to incite racial hatred towards Islam.
    The irony is more & more people can see the Media for the lying, obfuscating shower of bastards they are.
    Islam (and ALL Religions) are to be abolished, this is the ‘grand plan’ for the New World Order, all people united in servitude under the Economic Royalists, micro-chipped using a single crytpo currency (Bitcoin) – The Digital TV switcover (which is almost Planet wide complete) has been instigated to allow the current TV transmitters to used packed bitsreams, this is essentially a HUGE wi-fi network, this will be used to track people by their microchips, enable the use of a digital crypto currency (Bitcoin) and of course be used to set up the SMART grid.
    1984 is coming, we are getting close to total controlled enslavement & unfortunately 99% of the people are unaware, too busy watching X-Factor or looking at pictures of cute cats on the Internet.
    The other 1% who claim to be ‘awake’ are actually all arguing amongst themselves over Reptilians, pedophiles, aliens, free energy & the plethora of shite that clogs up ‘truth’ websites.

    Every thing you see or read in the Media has, and is, part of this grand scheme.

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