UK News: YouTube Singer Alika Agidi-Jeffs Who Went Viral Reveals He Was Suffering From Mental Illness


23-year-old Alika Agidi-Jeffs became a YouTube sensation after footage of him singing on a train went viral.  However Alika has now revealed that at the time he was experiencing severe depression, manic episodes and suicidal thoughts and found that listening to music was one way of coping with his illness.

Alika tells his story below.

In response to an interview that Alika conducted with BuzzFeed (Click here to read), the person who recorded the video has posted the following message:

Following inaccurate reports in BuzzFeed on 26 Jan 15, I would like to point out that Alika NEVER EVER once asked me to take the video down. Quite the opposite in fact, he asked me to credit him in order to get his name out there.

Following the video, he was made the face of a JD Sports campaign 2 months after this went viral and went on to do more modelling, and appearances. Had he asked to me take the video down because it was causing him distress, I would have absolutely done so. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: THAT AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN YOU SING ALONG TO YOUR MUSIC AND…FORGET THAT YOU ARE ON A PACKED TRAIN…! (more info: this was filmed on the Northern Line in London, UK on the evening that it was posted on YT. This guy had been singing/rapping to the music on his ipod for the whole journey to slightly incredulous looks from the other people on the carriage. The whole thing was pretty funny and surreal so I decided to film it for a bit. Of course, horizontal videos are much better but I used my iphone and only ever filmed it for myself at first, didn’t quite expect so many people to see it… Glad most of you enjoy the vid though! 🙂

Click Here to watch Alika in an episode of the popular reality web series Status London.

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