Black Men In Crisis: Singer August Alsina Involved In Backstage Brawl At Anti-Violence Concert (Video)


Hahahahahaha – You couldn’t make this nonsense up.

Over the weekend, singer August Alsina was involved in a backstage brawl during a concert promoting non-violenceThe brawl erupted at The State Of Emergency show in St. Louis, which was held in memory of Mike Brown.

Watch August and his crew fight with concert promoter Slim (in the red jacket).

Oh the irony. Now what was that all about?

*slow hand clap*

Well done to everyone involved. You should all be proud of yourselves.

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  1. Appalling behaviour .

    Miss mad news why do you only choose to highlight the behaviour of black men and title it black men in crisis?

    Are you trying to say black women are immune from misbehaving in public? Why don’t you do black women in crisis ? There are loads of footage of black celebrity and non celebrity women behaving appallingly.

    Personally it would be more justified if you titled it black people in crisis. I could go deep and pose the question who is raising these kind of black men in crisis?
    You will find a lot are raised by black women, come from homes where there is no father figure.

  2. I wondered how long it would be before someone posted a response of this nature under a ‘black man in crisis’post and really take it to heart LOL. The ‘ ‘black men in crisis’ posts won’t be going anywhere anytime soon sir. Where I see a “crisis” I will post. But please feel free to create your own forum dedicated to black women and join the thousands of other men who spend their time on the Internet mocking/blaming us for everything under the sun, on a daily basis. YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor is their leader, so knock yourself out. But thanks for the advice and for stopping by.

  3. Damn what a travesty Mrs mad news . Your sentiment is very immature and it’s just adding to the already over saturated stereotype of black men and women

    Am not a fan of Tommy or any other black man that attempts to put down a black woman for no good reason nor am I a fan of a black woman that does the same
    Just because black men are doing the same you feel the need to follow suit?

    You can continue to do you black men in crisis but bear in mind the only ones you are damaging is our community and people. We become the laughing stock of the world .

    My all ethos is all about black unity and progression

    So on that note I bid well and stay blessed.

  4. No the travesty is that video.

    So I am the cause of the damage to the community? Oh wait I forgot the black woman is to blame for everything. Ha!

    You preach black unity etc but in your first comment you went straight in to accusing black women of bad behaviour , and looked to place blame at our door steps, when it comes to the bad behaviour of grown men. Please.

    Just out of interest are you this vocal and concerned when the target is black women?.

    As for continuing this random segment, thanks I will.

    Good day sir 🙂

  5. Miss Mad News

    Think Mister J has a valid point. All about unity, at the end of the day. Posting Black Men in crisis, doesn’t do any of the community good. I have yet to see a link title for ‘white men in crisis’, but maybe I don’t go visit sites like that.

    I’m sure you have male figures around you, I.e. Dad, brother, cousins, and I’m sure there there is at least one figure, you hold respect for. So, just think about that positive person, who does you good, everyone is not the same.

    I said to a friend the other day, who mentioned ‘Real Housewives of Alanta’, who believed they stereotyped the black women on the show. But I said, it’s not the case because, if you watch the New York, Miami, Texas, Austraila, Chesire, housewife shows etc, the concept of the show is the same, it’s entertainment, so what’s shown is drama, gossip, arguments, etc….

    We have a long way to go as a minority, especially in UK, America, to get to a level playing field. But what’s important, is that we stay positive, and try to progress together..

    With that being said.. Have a good day.

  6. Now this Interesting! I have been running this segment for a number of years now. Those who visit on a regular basis and understand my often dark and sarcastic sense of humour know it well (lol). It’s never generated this level of emotional response before. Interesting… Anyway thanks for stopping by.
    Good day.

  7. Baby Girl (Joe Good Girls Voice)

    You missing some love and hugs. That was a bitter response, especially as it was ment to be a positive statement.

    Emotional response lol.. Nothing to do with being emotional. It comes to this, either we ridding together or we not!!! But maybe you don’t see it like that..

    I don’t know if you have children, but if you do or decide to have one one day, if you have a son, he will be classed as ‘Black’… So everything you preach, and all the energy you put out there, remember your son will be the one facing those very same stereotypes in his lifetime…. So maybe having positive energy, might might might ‘give him a better platform’ to live his life without less of the stereotypes that typecast black people (Black men/ Black Women)..


  8. “Baby Girl (Joe Good Girls Voice)” LOL sorry you lost me there.

    I don’t quite understand why you thought that response was bitter – Oh wait I am a black woman LOL. But hey you are entitled to your opinion.

    “Emotional response lol.. Nothing to do with being emotional. It comes to this, either we ridding together or we not!!! But maybe you don’t see it like that..”

    My question is are you riding with us? Because right now it seems to be only one way. We do the riding and defending (e.g. who organised the protests in America? Young black women)

    Oh don’t worry about my energy. My son or daughter will be fine. 🙂

  9. Tmz I wish August would reall beat yall up because yall alway in somebody else business and face like on the realllllll

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